How To Easily Set Up Games With OBB/Data Files On Android

    Easily Set Up Games With OBB/Data Files

    A lot of people out there have been in the dark on how to set up games that contain OBB/data files on their android devices. Some have even gone as far as paying money to tech experts just for them to set up the OBB/data files on their phones.

    Games downloaded on the play store that contains OBB/data files do not need to be configured to run. The game will play automatically when you download it. But when you download this set of games from the internet, the case is not always the same, as you will need some technical work to be done before successfully running the game.

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    The importance of downloading games with OBB files on the internet is that you will get the mod, unlock features of the game.

    Have you been among those who have paid money to tech experts just to set up games with OBB/data files or are currently ignorant on how to set up those files? Just feel assured as I will be comprehensively covering a full guide on how to set OBB/data files on your android device.

    Without explaining much let’s swiftly match forward to the main business.

    But before then, what is an OBB file? The term OBB is an initialism for Opaque binary blob. These OBB files contain significant items like high definition (HD) graphics alongside a vast amount of utility files which are necessary for smooth and better performance of the mod apk.

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    Requirements For Setting Up The OBB File On Your Android Device

    • An Android device running Android 4.0 or higher.
    • Enough memory space on your device to extract or decompress and store the game.
    • Download the mod apk, the OBB and data file of the game
    • Download ES File Explorer. Download here

    How to Set Up Games With OBB File On Your Android Device

    To simply get started, quickly install the ES File Explorer from the link above.

    • Install the game apk. Do not launch the game yet! Else it won’t play
    • After installing the main game file, simply launch the ES File Explorer application.
    • Navigate to where the OBB and data files are located in your storage.
    • Select the game OBB file and tap on More and you will see EXTRACT TO on the pop-up list.
    • Click EXTRACT TO. Now you will be asked where you want to extract your selected files to.
    • Tap Choose path and click on /sdcard/
    • Now navigate through your system storage and click on the Android folder. Tap the OBB folder. If you don’t have one simply create a new folder and name it obb. While in the OBB folder, click OK. And then finally click OK to begin the extraction or decompressing process.

    For the data file,

    • Select the data file of the game.
    • Click EXTRACT TO > Choose path. Tap /sdcard/ and move to your Android folder.
    • Tap the Data folder. While in it, tap OK and let the extraction process begin.
    • When done with the extraction processes, launch your game and enjoy

    For games like Dream League that don’t have data files just extract only the obb file while for games like FIFA, GTA, Call Of Duty, and the likes, just follow both method.

    What To Take Note Of

    Kindly put the following into considerations to successfully achieve your aim.

    • After installing the game apk, don’t open or launch the game yet! This is because you haven’t extracted the OBB file yet. This is because if you run the game after installation without extracting the OBB file the game won’t run or play.
    • Make sure to use ES File Explorer to make the extraction process easy and fast.

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