Introducing the new and updated HA Tunnel Plus MTN 500MB configuration file download for MTN.

Kindly note that this post has been updated with working Ha Tunnel configuration files for the stipulated networks.

Lately, most of us who usually visit this blog from time to time have enjoyed the MTN daily 500MB hat file. Soon afterwards, the cheat was blocked as it was reported to the ISPs.

But the good news there is that, the MTN 500MB e-learning cheat is back once again. You can use the data to browse and power all apps.

The 500MB cheat is tunneled from the free 500MB that is given by MTN to browse on several e-learning sites.

Ordinarily, you can’t use the 500MB e-learning data to browse, chat or download. But with the ha tunnel plus MTN 500MB config file, you can achieve that.

To make it more captivating, I also created Hat files for other networks like Airtel and 9mobile.

Kindly take note that, the MTN 500MB cheat can be blocked anytime. So enjoy the cheat while it lasts, provided nobody reports it anytime soon.

So this post contains the updated Ha Tunnel Plus configuration files for MTN, Airtel, and 9Mobile.

The HA Tunnel Plus is a good VPN as its connection is secure and super-fast for streaming and downloading.

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To reduce the long explanation, let’s check out the Ha Tunnel Plus MTN 500MB config file for MTN and also Airtel, and 9mobile.


  1. An MTN, Airtel or 9mobile SIM card
  2. An android phone
  3. HA Tunnel Plus VPN (Install HA Tunnel Plus VPN here)
  4. Latest Ha Tunnel config file download for the respective networks. Get the files below
  5. Get other cheat updates by joining our Telegram channel here. Though optional, but very necessary to stay updated

HA Tunnel Plus Configuration files

The HA Tunnel plus config files are available for download below. Also, note that the config files are capped.

All config files available for download below are valid for a lifetime. No expiry date.

The hat config files created here are only available for the MTN, Airtel and 9mobile network.

Read below to see where to download the hat files.

HA Tunnel plus MTN unlimited files download

The Ha Tunnel Plus unlimited config file had a major blow and at such ceased from working. But check out the available Ha Tunnel Plus MTN config files that are available below for download.

HA Tunnel Plus MTN 500MB config file download

The Ha Tunnel configuration file for MTN is capped at 500MB.

The Ha Tunnel Plus MTN configuration file is free to download, connects fast and has little or no disconnection problem.

Below is the download link for the HA Tunnel Plus MTN 500MB config file.

Ha Tunnel plus MTN 500MB cheat config file download.

Also, check out the MTN 50MB cheat config file below.

Download HA Tunnel Plus MTN 50MB Config File Here.

How to import and set the MTN Ha Tunnel config file (Hat file) using the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN

To activate the MTN cheat on HA Tunnel Plus VPN, quickly open the HA Tunnel VPN that you installed or downloaded from Play store.

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To import the Ha Tunnel MTN config file, open the HA Tunnel Plus VPN and click on the options button at the top left corner. Tap on Import Config.

You will find the config that you downloaded in the download folder. So navigate through your storage and tap on download. There you will find the MTN Ha Tunnel config file that you downloaded above.

Click to import it.

Finally, tap on START to connect the VPN. Within few seconds, the HA Tunnel Plus VPN will connect and you can now start browsing immediately.

Later on, you will get a message from MTN that you have been given free 500MB data to use on e-learning sites.

If it doesn’t connect at the initial trial, simply turn on and off airplane mode and then reconnect the VPN.

If the above doesn’t work, switch off and then switch on your phone. After this, you can now reconnect the VPN

To check your 500MB data balance, dial *131*4#.

Kindly note that the method used above to import the MTN Ha Tunnel Plus config file will still be the method that you will use to import the airtel and 9mobile config.

Check below for the Airtel and 9mobile config.

HA Tunnel Plus config file download for Airtel

The Ha tunnel plus airtel files are available and usable for all Airtel customers. The config file doesn’t expire as it’s valid for a lifetime.

The Airtel Ha Tunnel Plus config file is free to download

The Airtel Hat files can be downloaded for free from the various links below.

Download Config file here for Airtel (1)

Download Config file here for Airtel (2)

After downloading the airtel config files, Import them using the settings above.

HA Tunnel Plus config file download for 9mobile

The 9mobile config file is available for download. The file is capped at around 130-150MB daily.

Zero or no disconnection issues with the 9mobile config file.

Get or download the 9mobile config here.

How To Get An Unlimited Connection Time Session On HA Tunnel Plus VPN

But wait! If you look below, you will see a timer that is running on a countdown. When the time elapses, your VPN session ends. Keep reading to see how to get an unlimited connection time on the HA Tunnel Plus VPN.

To accumulate and get more or an unlimited connection time on the HA Tunnel Plus VPN, tap on the options button and click on Renew Access. Tap on WATCH VIDEO – FREE, and wait patiently for an ad to load.

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Most ads usually last between 5-30 seconds. Watch any that is served to you. After completely watching the video ad, your connection timing will be increased or topped by six hours.

Most people don’t tend to browse for six consecutive hours, so doing as instructed will save you the stress of manually adding 1 hour per ad watch to your connection time when you tap on ADD +TIME.

After, or before the six hours connection time runs out, follow the above step again to add your browsing time to six hours.

Note that, if you tap on ADD +TIME, your time will only be increased by 1 hour on each ad video that you watch. So save yourself stress and time by using the above method always.

How To Accumulate Or Bypass The MTN, Airtel or 9mobile Daily Cheat

At the moment, there is certainly no way of accumulating or bypassing the Ha tunnel plus MTN 500MB cheat or the Airtel, 9mobile daily cheat on a SIM. But then, the only means of accumulating the data is by having multiple SIMs.

By multiple SIMs I mean that, if you have more than one MTN, you can swap or exchange SIMs when you exhaust the free 500MB for a single SIM and connect with the other as every SIM is eligible for the free cheat

The same procedure applied to the Airtel, and 9mobile cheat

How To Fix Connection Issues On HA Tunnel Plus VPN

To resolve the issue of connection failure or Ha Tunnel Plus VPN not working or connecting, simply exit the HA Tunnel Plus app. Go to your storage and clear the HA Tunnel Plus VPN cache file.

After that, turn on and off airplane mode on your device. After this, Open the HA Tunnel VPN and reconnect.

Hopefully, this should fix the connection issues on the VPN as it has been tested and confirmed to be the remedy for connection issues. Do this every time you experience connection failures.

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When Will The MTN, Airtel and 9mobile HA Tunnel Plus Config File Expire?

No. The HA Tunnel Plus VPN MTN 500MB Config file that is uploaded in this post doesn’t expire. You can use it for a lifetime or till MTN stops giving the free 500MB.

But then, if we discover that the config is having little issues, like connection failure, we will certainly update a new one here. So bookmark and always visit this page and blog to stay updated.

The MTN, Airtel and 9mobile cheat is still blazing at the time of publishing this post. Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel to get the latest config files and updates.

Please share and make the most out of this.

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