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More Bricks unblocked game is a game that has been around for a while now and still continues to bring excitement and fun to players all over the world. It is a classic game that has been enjoyed by generations of gamers, and its enduring appeal is a testament to its simplicity and addictive nature.


The game is a variation of the classic Breakout game, where players must use a paddle to hit a ball and break bricks. In More Bricks, players must clear the game board of all the bricks to progress to the next level. To accomplish this, players must use their paddle to bounce a ball around the screen, hitting the bricks to break them.

The game becomes more challenging with each level, as the bricks become more resilient and players must use strategy to defeat them. There are also power-ups that appear throughout the game, such as multi-balls and extended paddles, which can help players break through difficult levels.

One of the great things about More Bricks is that it is unblocked, which means that it can be played on school or work computers, where many gaming sites are typically blocked. This makes it a great way to pass the time during a break or when studying or working becomes too overwhelming.


The game graphics are simple yet bright and colorful, making it an enjoyable experience for players of all ages. It is also easy to pick up and play, but can become quite challenging as the levels progress.

Altogether, More Bricks is a classic unblocked game that continues to bring joy and entertainment to gamers around the world. Its simple mechanics, challenging gameplay, and unblockable nature make it a great way to pass the time and reduce stress and boredom.

How to play More Bricks unblocked game

Playing More Bricks is simple and easy, even for those who are new to unblocked games. Here are the steps to play:

  • Click on the Play button above to load the game
  • Use your mouse or keyboard to control the paddle. Move the paddle left or right to bounce the ball and hit the bricks.
  • Aim the ball at the bricks to break them. You aim to clear the entire game board of all the bricks before you run out of lives.
  • As you progress through the levels, the bricks become more difficult to break and there are also power-ups that appear on the screen. Collect the power-ups to help you break through difficult levels.
  • Keep an eye on your remaining lives. You start with three lives, and if the ball falls below the paddle, you lose a life. Be careful not to lose all your lives, or you will have to start the game over.
  • Finally, keep playing and progressing through the levels until you clear the entire game board. Have fun!

More Bricks is a simple and fun game that is easy to learn, yet challenging to master. Its unblocked nature also makes it accessible to everyone, making it a great way to pass the time and relieve stress.

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