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QWOP Game Unblocked For School No Flash [WTF]- Play Online For Free

Below you will find the direct link to play the fascinating QWOP game. And this time, the game is unblocked so you can both play it at school or work without Flash support.

QWOP is an excellent running HTML5 game where the player is to control the game’s character who is currently participating in the Olympic games to move in the game. But then, you will have to guide the calves and thighs of your player to keep him from falling. Observe physics and gravity before making any move.

Interestingly, QWOP game is both available on both mobile and PC web. You can as well play it on your Chromebook or macOS. QWOP is also free to play online.

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Where to play QWOP game

Browsers like Chrome, Yandex, MS Edge, or Firefox are recommended to play this game efficiently, and also make sure that you’re connected to a strong internet connection. Play QWOP using the button below.

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In this ragdoll physics-based game, the Q, W, O, and P keys are the sole control buttons. To move your runner’s thigh, use the W and Q button, and use the O and P buttons to move his calves.

What ever step you take in this game and the time you execute it will well determine how far your athlete will go in the race. Remember you’re running alone so take time to observe and double think before acting.

How many meters can you cover in this game? Play now to find out!

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