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Unicycle Madness Unblocked Game – play online for free

Unicycle Madness Unblocked

Unicycle Madness is an online unblocked game that can only be played online for free. With the help of your desktop, you can play Unicycle Madness Unblocked Game for free. The online thing required is your desktop and a stable internet connection.

Unicycle Madness is an amazing unblocked game that any game lover would love to play in his or her own free time. The game has been made in an unblocked format, which means it’s not restricted to play at school, home, work and any other locations you may find yourself.

In Unicycle Madness, you get to ride a unicycle from the beginning of the stage to the end in order to win the mission and cross to the next level. Riding the unicycle might not be easy, but to prove yourself, you need to make sure you avoid crashing so as to avoid failure.

Continue with the riding and make sure you do not crash. Try to push through the tough missions till the end of the game.

How to play Unicycle Madness

There is always a way to play each and every game, therefore I will be letting you know how to play the Unicycle Madness Unblocked Game using the listed control methods below.

  • The arrow keys on your keyboard are the basic controls for Unicycle Madness Unblocked Game
  • The back arrow key for brake and reverse
  • Use the front arrow key to start riding the unicycle
  • The up arrow key to jump through obstacles to avoid crashing
  • And the down arrow key for a stable landing.
  • You can as well use your mouse for controls.


Playing Unicycle Madness is a great way to spend your boring times, and your free time as well. Go on and try it and you will never regret trying.


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