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Clicker Heroes Unblocked Game For School No Flash – [911]

Clicker Heroes is a massive hit idle RPG web browser game where players must attack and defeat a great number of monsters as they embark on their adventure. As you defeat enemies and advance through the levels, you will be rewarded with gold that you can use to upgrade your character. Hire and level up heroes to unlock their unique abilities. You can also discover hidden treasures in the game too.

Clicker Heroes unblocked game can be played at school for free on your computer, chromebook, or mobile device for free. No download is needed or plugin installation required to play the game as well.

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Where to play Clicker Heroes unblocked game

You can now play this unblocked RPG game below. Make sure you’re connected to the internet and also using a good web browser for uninterrupted gameplay. Play Clicker Heroes now!

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Clicker Heroes comes with superb game graphics and aesthetics, simple and intuitive gameplay along with a cool soundtrack to keep you tuned while you play the game.

As the name implies, you are to click on your enemies using your mouse to attack them. You must repeatedly click on the monster to completely finish its health before it will die. Each monster slayed gives you gold coins. There are over 1000 zones with bosses and monsters.

Remember to level your heroes to unlock new special skills for them. Use your mouse to control the actions in the game.

Enjoy and have fun!


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