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25 Best Horror Games Unblocked – Scary Games Online

Do you want some online unblocked games worthy of good scare? This post today will provide you with a good number of some of the top horror games unblocked at school that you can play online for free. You will be finding scary games like Slendrina, Tattletail, Granny, and the likes.

To some age, these scary survival online games might not be appropriate. But teens and adults can play and enjoy them. Also, you don’t need to download these games or install an extra plugin before playing these games. All you need is just your PC, Chromebook, or mobile web browser connected to the internet.

These scary games unblocked for school is available in many regions like (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Poland, Pakistan, etc ). Without further ado, let’s proceed with the provision of the games.

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List of Horror Games Unblocked for school

NB: For mobile users, any game that is not supported or fully optimised for mobile, You can still play it by TURNING ON desktop mode in your device, however, it might not play as intended!

1: Slendrina X The Dark Hospital

Slendrina X The Dark Hospital

This unblocked horror game will certainly pump out goose pimples from your body when you play it. The game comes with an incredible level of terror from the beginning to the end. If you know you’re faint-hearted, then stay off this game. Only the bravest game boys can withstand the respiteless dread posed by this game.

In a dark hospital where many souls have died, you will have to find your way out by escaping from the evil Slendrina who is fervently haunting you. You need to move quickly and evade her as far as you can as she is always walking around searching for you.

The game works on most modern browsers and should run smoothly on your device. Play the game online to begin your terrific adventure!

2: Granny: Chapter Two

Granny Chapter 2

Locked in an apartment with an old devilish granny who is after your life. She hates noise and would chase you with her last might to get you. In this online horror game spanning 5 days, you will have to escape from the evil granny and her husband.

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Hide anywhere under the beds, inside closets or anywhere that will keep their eyes from spotting you. You can play this online horror game with your mobile, PC, macOS, or Chromebook browser. Enjoy!

3: The Dawn of Slenderman

The Dawn of Slenderman

Experience intense suspense that will keep your heart pumping out in this scary online horror game. You appear lost in a forest at night and begin to wander around for an escape route, only to discover that you’re being followed by an unknown person.

Just like many other online horror games, your mission is to survive and escape from the unknown evil man who is seemingly after you. Luckily you are provided with a gun and a hand grenade.

Use the keyboard keys G, F, R, V, X, Ctrl, Shift, Arrow keys to direct your movements, and use the mouse to aim, shoot and change weapons.

You can now play this horror for free online.

4: Hello Neighbor Alpha 2

Hello Neighbor Alpha 2

Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 is a stealth survival horror game. In your quiet neighborhood, you discover a middle-aged man whose actions are weird. Meanwhile, a secret seems to be hidden in the man’s basement. Break into his home and check out the mysterious kinds of stuff that are hidden in his basement without him noticing you.

Explore everything possible in his home and uncover the truth. Be careful and expect the worst from the strange man. Play this online horror game to find out what’s hidden in there!

5: Dark Deception 2

Dark Deception 2

In this game, you will go through the darkest streets looking to collect purple masses. A map is provided in the game that will assist you in easily finding where the stuffs are.

Mind you, completing the objective isn’t as easy as it appears, incredible monsters are roaming around the streets. Be careful and try to avoid coming in contact with them, else you know the rest…

Play the game for free on your computer.

6: Grandpa Horror

Grandpa Horror

Grandpa Horror is a 3D unblocked horror game. The game features 3D graphics that gives players the best gaming experience. As a reporter in a fairytale town, you are to explore the story surrounding your town. Meanwhile, there is a mysterious basement in the town that houses Grandpa.

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You’re to investigate this basement and get the necessary information. But then, you have the horror and bloodthirsty grandpa to watch out for. If he finds out that you’re in his domain he won’t hesitate to chase and murder you. Use your computer mouse to control the game.

7: Silent Asylum

Silent Asylum

Discover the most frightening experience in this captivating and ice-cold horror unblocked game. The game sees the player in a corner completely surrounded by dreaded monsters. You’re to look for a way out of the evil premises.

You’re provided ammunition for defense, use it to eliminate any vicious elements that want to stand in your way of escape. Silent Asylum comes with 3D realistic graphics, exciting gameplay, and some good chunks of ammunition. Play now for free.

8: Grannys Mansion

Grannys Mansion

Grannys Mansion is a first-person horror unblocked game. Everywhere is completely dark, leaving you in deep suspense about what to do next, and what might possibly befall you. It appears that you’re being locked in a dark room, to get clues about your exit, you will need to get a flashlight to make the place a little bit brighter.

After getting the touch, you can now begin looking for clues that will get you the exit key. Meanwhile, Granny is out to foil your mission. Survive the terror of the evil grandma and escape the accursed building.

9: Demon Killer

Demon Killer

Demon Killer is another online FPS unblocked game on this list. Eliminate any evil bastards that cross your path with your gun. This horror game is a must-play as you will certainly enjoy every bit of action. One exciting feature of the game is that it provides you with a wide array of weapons from pistols, to heavy machine guns.

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The game is available to play anytime at home, school for free online.

10: Evil Nun Scary Horror Creepy Game

Evil Nun Scary Horror Creepy Game

The title alone should tell you what to expect from the game. This is one of the scariest horror games you will come across online. Just like other horror titles, players are to escape a sinister nun who roams about the dreaded house you are trapped in.

Can you survive against the evil ghost? Begin this horror journey of no return by playing the game.

11: Scary Granny House

Slendrina Must Die: The Cellar

You are held captive in the Scary Granny house unblocked horror game. You are to flee the building unnoticed by her. If she hears your movements, she will definitely come looking for you anywhere you are.

Players can hide in the wardrobes and under the bed. Remember that Granny hears anything that you do, so remain quiet and cautious in your movements.

This game is free to play from your web browser.

12: Exmortis 2

Exmortis 2

In this horror puzzle game, where darkness supersedes, you are to solve the different puzzles as the sole survivor. You can play this game online for free on (desktop and mobile)

13: Trapped In Hell: Murder House

Trapped In Hell: Murder House

Trapped In Hell: Murder House is a shooting survival game. The goal is to escape the accursed place through the portal. To achieve that, you will need to discover the necessary clues that will help you find your way out.

But then, there’s no way you can reach the portal without stumbling upon the evil Knight. While playing this game, you should be expecting the worst!

For now, this game is playable with a desktop browser. Mobile isn’t fully optimized for the game.

14: Tattletail


Tattletail is an online unblocked survival game by Waygetter Electronics. The is about Baby Talking Tattletail which the player must protect from the Mama Tattletail. Try and keep the Baby Talking Tattletail until Christmas day.

The scare in this online survival game is electrifying and you will be in total suspense during gameplay. The game is available to play online at school, at home, or work with a computer.

15: Slendrina Must Die: The Cellar

Slendrina Must Die: The Cellar

Indeed Slendrina must die for you to survive. In this suspense-filled and scary game, You will have to find 8 books that will guide you to your escape. Slendrina on the other end won’t be letting you achieve that so easily.

Battle your way out in this scary unblocked game.

Other Scary Horror games to play online

  1. Slenderman Must Die: Silent Forest
  2. Masked Forces: Ancient Serpents
  3. Halloween Horror Massacre
  4. Evil Nun Schools Out
  5. Jeff The Killer: Hunt For The Slenderman
  6. Scary Maze Game
  7. Mentally Disturbed Grandpa: The Asylum
  8. Forgotten Hill Memento: Buried Things
  9. Manhunt
  10. Forgotten Hill Memento: Love Beyond


All the games provided here are exclusively free to play online on most modern browsers and devices. Unfortunately, since most games support WebGL, they might not run on mobile devices. So to enjoy the most out of these horror games unblocked for school, play them on desktop.

These games were gotten from third-party sites so if your favorite horror game is not on the list, bring that to my notice by dropping the game’s name in the comment area and I will update it for you.

Enjoy your horror escape adventure!

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