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30 Zombie Games Unblocked To Play Online For Free

In our most recent post, I provided some fascinating and fast-paced unblocked horror games that you can play online for free on your desktop or mobile web browser. But today, I will be providing you with another subgenre of horror games that still has terror and scare as its central theme.

Some of us might have been searching online for some zombie games unblocked at school, or workplace. That’s why after following this post, you will discover some of these games. The zombie survival games can be played at leisure times to refresh your brain or when you feel like experiencing some dreaded adventure. You can play these zombie unblocked games for free online without necessarily installing the games on your device.

To some age, this game is not appropriate. However, if you are brave enough, you can still accept the challenge and proceed. But then, be prepared for the most dreaded game experience you could ever imagine.

Just like other online games provided here, you can access these survival games from any location (United States, Bulgaria, Canada, Italy, UK, Australia, Argentina, Thailand, Turkey, etc.) Without taking much of your time, let me quickly list out these crazy survival games.

Zombie Games Unblocked

NB: For mobile users, any game that is not supported or fully optimized for mobile, You can still play it by TURNING ON desktop mode on your device, however, it might not play as intended!

1: Zombocalypse


Zombocalypse otherwise referred to as Zombie Apocalypse is a fun and addictive 2D online zombie game published by IronZilla. The game was initially released for Flash but now HTML5. As the lone survivor in the vicinity, you are to eliminate the incessant waves of zombies in order to escape the place.

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The game gives you little to no respite as you will always be engaged with the monsters all through the time you will be playing the game. A decent amount of weapons is allocated to you for defense.

Shot at will, and survive this seemingly great evil.

2: Zombie Trailer Park

Zombie Trailer Park

It appears that the whole city is completely occupied by zombies. And they look set to invade your much-cherished farm. You are to protect your farm by stopping these cruel creatures.

You will be facing different phases of these incoming zombies. Eliminate them all to save your plantation. This game is not optimized for mobile devices so play it using a desktop.

3: Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

In this FPS Zombie unblocked game, you will have to escape the horde of zombies who are after you. At first, you’re left with no weapon to defend yourself. You will then need to roam the environment and look for a weapon.

You are to look for a way to survive and escape the hungry zombies. Play this online unblocked game for free now.

4: Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is an insane survival game that closely follows Hitler’s quest to conquer the world. To achieve this, he returned the undead to life. But then, things begin to go opposite of his plans and the zombies turn out to be untamed.

Things are now getting worse as the zombies are now causing chaos in Europe. You’re earth’s best soldier and Europe’s last hope for survival is now on you. Destroy the massive monsters and rescue the world from apocalypse!

5: State of Survival: Zombie War

State of Survival: Zombie War

There’s no way to run into, zombies are everywhere and looking for flesh to feast on. If they find you, then you know it’s either to survive or die. The action in this game is electrifying, thanks to the wide array of ammunition provided in the game.

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Keep an eye on your bullet, but never stop shooting. Have fun playing this fast-paced unblocked zombie game. State of Survival: Zombie War is optimized for desktop.

6: Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Are you ready to battle this gargantuan amount of zombies? Enter the most dangerous and scary battle in this heart-stopping 3D FPS game. There are about 70 types of gun weapons, 33 different battlefields, and about 600 gameplay war scenarios. You will never find many FPS Zombie games with such great features.

Wipe out the entire zombies and save the earth from destruction.

7: Venom Zombie Shooter

Venom Zombie Shooter

Venom Zombie Shooter is a 3D zombie shooter you can play online for free. You are required to kill every Zombie to restore peace in the city. The game comes with decent graphics and multiple playable missions. Use your computer keyboard and mouse to control the player’s actions.

Have fun playing this online game.

8: Heavy Combat Zombie

Heavy Combat Zombie

In this unblocked zombie game, almost everyone seems to be infected with the virus. The few remaining must survive and escape the zombie attack. You’re among the survivors and must wipe out the horde of zombies in order to stop the human race from extinction.

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There are lots of thrilling missions in the game, as well as multiple weapons to help you defend yourself. Use the keyboard and mouse to play this challenging zombie online game.

9: Monster Shooter

Monster Shooter

The Monster Shooter is a first-person shooter online zombie game. You can play the game for free on your ɗevice web browser. In an abandoned and foggy territory, you find yourself battling against the undead. Mad and incredible zombies everywhere!

Gun down the army of the undead and destroy the Lilac Head. The game provides you with a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, sniper rifle, ax, and ultrasound. With all these lethal weapons at your disposal, you should know what you will be expecting from this insane zombie-apocalyptic game.

Play now for free on your desktop web browser. The mobile browser is not fully supported.

10: Zombie Strike 2

Zombie Strike 2

Survive five phases of zombie attack to complete this game. There’s nowhere to run to, zombies are at every corner. Your only hope for survival is your arsenal. Use your weapons to shoot the enemy and prepare for the worst as the difficulty increases as you progress.

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Enjoy the addictive gameplay and chose from a huge arsenal of weapons to mount a counteroffensive against the zombie horde. Have fun playing this zombie unblocked game. Good luck!

11: Special Strike: Zombies

Special Strike: Zombies

You’re a special force soldier sent on an adventurous mission to wipe out the massive horde of zombies that want to destroy human civilization and turn earth into an unhabitable place.

Chose from your huge collection of arsenal and send the undead army to their final demise.

Note that this game supports Unity WebGL and so may not effectively run on mobile. Play it in your Chromebook, or desktop browser.

12: Zombie Hunters

Zombie Hunters

If you want to play a zombie multiplayer unblocked game, then Zombie Hunter will be a perfect fit. The online multiplayer Zombie game works on both mobile and desktop browsers.

In this epic zombie game, you’re to team up with other players and battle against the legions of bloodthirsty zombies. Pick up powerful weapons and power-ups to fortify your defensive and offensive capabilities.

Goodluck on your adventure!

13: Zombie Shooter: Destroy All Zombies

Zombie Shooter: Destroy All Zombies

In this survival online game, you need to destroy all zombies. Zombie Shooter: Destroy All Zombies is an amazing first-person shooter with an impressive 3D realistic graphics. The game displaces you in a highly foggy forest where evil predominates.

Destroying the forest zombies is the only way you can survive and escape in this online zombie game. Also, you’re to find and destroy a biological weapon named “Tyrant’ which was developed to turn the few remaining human race into the undead.

Bravo on your mission in this doomsday zombie game.

14: Zombie Sniper

Zombie Sniper

Zombies are turning earth into a living hell. All hope for human survival seems to be lost. You’re one of the few ones remaining. You’re now seen as the saviour of the universe. Protect the civilians and wipe out the mass number of these undead zombies.

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The game works on both desktop and mobile browsers.

15: Stickman Zombie 3D

Stickman Zombie 3D

Enjoy one of Stickman’s finest and most exciting zombie 3D game on your device browser. With this online unblocked version, you don’t need to download the game.

You’re to eliminate stickmen zombies and other villains that you come in contact with. Play this amazing game online for free.


That’s all for now on the best zombie games unblocked for school. I got these games from third-party online game sites like Yandex games, CrazySchool games, Gamepix, Unblocked-games io, etc. If you can’t find your favorite zombie game from my list, simply drop the game’s title in the comment box and I will quickly update it here for you.

Enjoy and have fun!

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