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Fat Ninja is an action-adventure online game where players control a fat ninja who is on a mission to infiltrate a security penitentiary. All through the entire process, players are to be very stealthy and avoid being detected by the security guard else an alarm will be raised. The game also utilises varieties of combos your ninja can use to stun enemies.

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How to play

A magical substance has be carted away from your village by some bad guys and kept in a secret and heavily guarded zone. Your only chance of retrieving this material is infiltrating the area without being apprehended.

To begin your ninja adventure, you need to understand the game’s basic controls. For your movements, use the left\right arrow keys to move forward and backwards. Up arrow to jump, press up and any direction to crouch. For the action, use the Z key while approaching the enemy from the back to attack. You can also hide your ninja from guards by pressing Z. Use the Spacebar to attack, super attack and also fight enemies. Remember to use the Z key to unlock security doors.

The goal of the game is to infiltrate the security zone without raising much awareness from the guards. If you fail to be stealthy enough you might lose the game. When the alarm bar is full, reinforcements will be called and the game will be over. Because of this, you need to attack most of your enemies from behind to avoid being detected. While, this may be somewhat difficult, try to attack your enemies as fast as possible when they notice you. Players can also eliminate the guards when they fart at them.

Fat Ninja has 12 levels that will revolve around 4 worlds. The adventure gets even more difficult as you get past each level. Can you bring back the missing item that was stolen from your clan? Play Fat Ninja now to find out.

As always enjoy and have fun!

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