The Binding of Isaac unblocked

The Binding of Isaac Unblocked Game At School No Flash [77, 66] – Play Now

The Binding of Isaac is an epic rogue roguelike platform game who you must help Isaac through the deranged basement full of vicious enemies. After being abandoned by his mother, Isaac must strive tirelessly to survive the sinister around him.

Isaac has superhuman abilities that serve as his weapon. For example, he can use his tears as weaponry to attack enemies. While in the land of the unknown, you will battle with gruesome creatures and other offensive elements. You will also have to find secrets in the basement to guide your way out of the place.

Plenty of action adventure are there to experience when you play the binding of Isaac unblocked game.

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Where to The Binding of Isaac unblocked game

This action adventure HTML5 game can be played at school or work for free on your computer. The game isn’t fully optimised for mobile devices. No download needed! No plugin installation required. Play online for free.

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Since this version of the game is the demo, all features of the complete game is not added. Regardless, you will still enjoy the demo of the game. You will enjoy the beautiful story and great gameplay.

Enjoy and have fun playing!


  • WASD to move
  • Shoot – Left click or arrow keys
  • Set bomb – Shift or E
  • Use an item – Spacebar

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