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Poppy Playtime Unblocked Game WTF [911] – Play For Free

Poppy Playtime unblocked

Poppy Playtime is a fun horror survival game where you’re to explore the environment to get hints on how to escape the great evil from the toy factory. Be ready to get goosebumps as you play through the campaigns in Poppy Playtime. In this FPS horror game, you must escape from the Huggy Wuggy toy who is relentlessly chasing you.

You will be eaten he he catches you. Poppy Playtime unblocked game is free to play at home or school. However, since this game contains horror elements, it is not appropriate for kids below 8. No need to download the game before playing it. You only have to play it online for free in your browser

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Where to Play Poppy Playtime unblocked game

Poppy Playtime works on both mobile and PC web, however, full enhancements may not be available on the mobile web. A strong connection along with a good web browser is necessary to run this game smoothly on your device. Play below.

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Explore the creepy toy factory to get hints and clues that will guide you out of the reach of Poppy, the evil looking monster with teeths like that of a shark and dreaded dark eyes. You must also solve different puzzles, open doors, and look for keys in the factory as you seek to find a path of escape out of Poppy’s penitentiary.

Can you survive this overwhelming sinister? Play now to begin your adventure.

As always, enjoy and have fun!


  • Move – WASD
  • Use an item – Left-click
  • Display controls – TAB
  • Skip dialogue – SPACE
  • Sprint – Shift

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