Zombocalypse unblocked game

Zombocalypse Unblocked Game – Play Online For Free

Zombocalypse unblocked is one of the best unblocked zombie games that you can play online for free. Players in this thrilling horror game must fight for survival against enormous waves of crazy zombies. The player is equipped with a machete which he must use to slice the unending zombies.

Zombocalypse is a free web browser game that can be played by anyone anytime, anywhere. However, the game does not support mobile web, so play it using your desktop computer.

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Where to play Zombocalypse unblocked game

This game requires little to be met before running it on your device. A strong internet connection and a good PC web browser are all you need to play the game. Tap on the button below to play.

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Team Bravo is on a surveillance mission, unfortunately, their helicopter crashes within the premises of the undead. You manage to survive the crash only to stumble upon something more sinister. The zombies are now after you, your only weapon of defense is your machete.

Survive as long as possible and kill many zombies as you can. The more you survive, the more your score increases in the game. Begin your endless zombie adventure by playing this game!

Zombocalypse was released in 2011 by IronZilla.

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