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Age of War Unblocked for School [WTF] – Play Online Without Flash


If you’re searching for the Age of War unblocked game, then you just landed at the right spot. Am going to provide you the unblocked Age of War game that you can play online for free on your PC and mobile device.

This online classic strategy game takes you back to the middle ages, where you will evolve through the ages by protecting your castle from enemy attacks and also fighting to eliminate other enemy kingdoms. During your playing campaign, you will come across different sets of kingdoms and empires with which you must conquer against all. Properly utilizing your defensive and offensive skills will play an integral part in your success in the game.

Age of War is free to play online anywhere, anytime! Whether you’re at home, at work, or even at school, you can still play this online strategy game for free. More so, since the Age of War is a web game, you don’t need to download it before you can play it.

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Where to play Age of War unblocked

All you need to play Age of War is an active internet connection. It is recommended to use the Chrome, Edge Firefox, or Yandex browser to access this game for efficiency. Tap the button below to play.

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While your primary objective in this game is to take down enemy strongholds, it’s also imperative to watch out for your castle as well. In terms of troop deployment, you must field soldiers that are best fit to undertake a particular mission at the same time using your resources sparingly.

Another important thing that will aid in the game is that you need to raise money for your kingdom as quickly as possible which you will use to produce soldiers, improve your army, and build bombs and other weapons. You will be moved to a new level when you earn enough XP from killing enemy troops.

Age of War unblocked game is now fully HTML5 supported, so play now and have fun!


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