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Super Mario 64 was one of the best platform games that topped the charts for the Nintendo 64 video game console during the 90s. While the era of this game may be far gone, its exceptional game memories still linger. That being said, for those of us who what to try the game again, this time on your PC, I will be providing you with the Super Mario 64 unblocked game that you can play online during breaks at school, workplace, or during your free time at home.

Mario 64 unblocked online game is completely free to play on your web browser. No need to download the game or install any plugin before you can run it on your system. All you need is just an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Furthermore, you can play this game from any region in the world whether you stay in the US, UK, Australia, Spain, etc. Location is never a constraint. Enough of the talk, let’s move on to the main business.

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Where to play Super Mario Unblocked game

To enjoy the Super Mario 64 online unblocked game on your PC perfectly, you need to have a good internet connection and up-to-date browsers like Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Yandex, or other browsers of the same level.

After securing these two conditions, then you are all set to enjoy the adventures of Super Mario. A button is provided below, tap on it to play the game on your computer.

Super Mario 64 Story

Super Mario 64 is set in a large open-world environment. The story follows the adventures of Mario whose mission is to save Princess Peach who has been captured from the invasion of her castle by the villain of the game – Bowser. For Mario, collecting the Power Stars is the only way to unlock Princess Peach Castle to fight Bowser and rescue the princess.

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Mario can jump, run, grab objects, crawl, swim, etc in the game. Super Mario 64 was a major success upon release and was one of the best Nintendo 64 games.

Instructions on how to play Super Mario

Unlike playing this game with the traditional Nintendo 64 controls, this time you will be controlling the game using your computer keyboard. Anyways, the control’s intuitive and shouldn’t give you difficulties trying to master them.

Use the following keys to control the movements and actions of the character in the Super Mario 64 unblocked game.

  • Arrow Keys: Control movements
  • Start: Enter
  • X: A
  • C: B
  • Q: L
  • Space: Z
  • C-Stick: WASD

Fight against the evil monsters that have taken the princess hostage killing all of them along the way and rescue Princess Peach. Don’t stay too long underwater as it will reduce your health and eventually kill you if you let it completely drain your life. Experience the unreal 3D gameplay – the first game in the Super Mario series to come with the feature.

Save the princess and recover the castle from Bowser and his men.

Final words

Super Mario 64 unblocked will definitely keep you engaged right from when you start playing the game till when it ends. The 3D gameplay makes the game a joy to play. For now, you can’t play Mario 64 unblocked online game on your mobile device, so make sure you’re using your desktop web browser.

Start your adventure and recover the lost kingdom in this old-school action-adventure game. Have fun playing your game and good luck!

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