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10 Best Naruto Games Unblocked To play Online At School

Do you like Naruto games? My post today will show you some of the best Naruto games unblocked that you can play online at school, at home, or at work on your computer. After the first title – Naruto: Konoha Ninpōchō was released in 2003, several other games have been added to the franchise.

However, while there isn’t any official Naruto game available online, certain developers have developed different Naruto games that you can play online. Even though these games are not many, I will provide some of them here for you to play.

As always, these games are completely free to play and can be accessed from any part of the world (US, Australia, Canada, UK Ghana, Pakistan, Argentina, etc.).

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List of Naruto Games Unblocked for school

1: Naruto Snow Battlefield

Naruto Snowball Battlefield

Enjoy one of Naruto’s finest online unblocked games by playing the Naruto Snow Battlefield. In this snow fighting game, you’re to help Konoha defeat Konohamaru and his friends who have challenged you on a snowball battle.

Use your mouse to aim and shoot at the enemy. For mobile turn on the desktop mode in your browser to play this game and then tap on an enemy to aim and shoot the snowball at him.

2: Naruto Battle Arena

Naruto Battle Arena

In this epic action Naruto unblocked game, you’re to use your weapons to defeat the enemies thereby helping the Ninja. The graphics of this game is unreal. Use the arrow keys to move, Z and X to attack, left and right arrow keys to escape an enemy.

Have fun and enjoy the game.

3: Naruto Super Jump

Naruto Super Jump

Naruto Super Jump is an endless runner action game. During gameplay, you’re to avoid any obstacle in the way as long as possible to collect high bonuses.

You can jump from one side of the wall to another by simply clicking your mouse. Try to avoid crashing early in the game to increase your score.

4: Bleach vs Naruto

Bleach vs Naruto

Bleach vs Naruto is a 1-on-1 online fighting game featuring anime heroes Bleach and Naruto. You can select your favorite hero (either Naruto or Bleach) and then join the elite fighting tournaments. Play now to enjoy.

  • Scroll menu – A and W
  • Select an option – J
  • A and D – chose player 1
  • Arrow keys – Chose player 2 – 1 to select him
  • Exit menu – K

5: Naruto Kunai Escape

Naruto Kunai Escape

Help Naruto become the greatest ninja of all time by helping him in his ninja training. Meanwhile, the enemies are after you and want to eliminate you. Dodge their Kunais as long as possible to rack up the best score and increase your bonus.

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Play now on your computer to enjoy. You can still play Naruto Kunai Escape on your mobile device. Simply turn on your browser’s desktop mode to access the game.

6: Naruto Bubbles

Naruto Bubbles

In this bubble shooter Naruto game, you’re to fire Naruto bubbles to match the same bubble to make them disappear. This game is just like the popular bubble shooter game, just that it doesn’t have the bright colors where you can quickly see balls that match.

Play now to enjoy one of Naruto’s best unblocked games for school.

7: Naruto Kage Bunshinno Jutsu

Naruto Kage Bunshinno Jutsu

Show your best martial artist skills in this Naruto unblocked online game. Throughout the game, you’re to follow the clone Naruto to discover where he is in the game.

8: Naruto Free Fight

Naruto Free Fight

Naruto Free Fight is one of the best Naruto unblocked games you can play online. About three top Naruto characters – Naruto Uzumaki, Kakachi, and Sasuki Uchiha are all featured in this epic anime fighting game. To play this game, you’re to choose your preferred character and then go on to defeat all your enemies to complete the levels in this game.

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Use your keyboard’s arrow keys to control the player. Get your fighting skills ready to battle against the most powerful Naruto fighters!

9: Naruto Ultimate Battle

Naruto Ultimate Battle

Discover the most thrilling and insane action in one of the best online Naruto games. The game features about eight playable characters with each fighter having its unique signature move. Now to enter into a fight chose your favorite character and begin your fight.

A whole lotta action awaits you when you play this unblocked game.

10: Naruto Battle for Leaf Village

Naruto Battle for Leaf Village

Leaf village is under siege from barbaric monsters, you’re to team up and fend off the invaders from actualizing their mission. Use the arrow keys to control the player’s movement, Spacebar to attack, and then X to use an item.

Naruto Battle for Leaf Village will give you no respite, so be prepared for the most devastating battle against the bad creatures.


Even though the Naruto games unblocked for school in this list aren’t that many, at least the little provided here will definitely meet your desire. Enjoy the very best fighting action when you play any of the Naruto online games on your computer or mobile web browser.

Have fun playing the games!

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