2 Player Games Unblocked

60 Best 2 Player Games Unblocked (Unblocked Multiplayer Games)


Would you like some exciting 2 player games that you can play online with your friends on the web browser of your device? My list contains the top and most popular unblocked 2 player games for school.

Also, the 2 player games unblocked that I will be providing here will cut across various game genres like, ” 2 player football games unblocked, 2 player card games unblocked, 2 player basketball games unblocked, 2 player fighting games unblocked, 2 player horror games unblocked, 2 player stickman fighting games unblocked, 2 player shooting games unblocked, etc”

Unblocked games now support HTML5 and .io. Flash that was previously used for hosting unblocked games is not supported anymore. In addition, schools or workplaces set proxies on online gaming sites to prevent pupils or workers from steering away from their primary duties.

In spite of everything, we have tons of unblocked multiplayer games that you can access during breaks at school or at work.


List of 2 Player Games Unblocked to play online with friends

NB: For mobile users, any game that is not supported or fully optimised for mobile, You can still play it by TURNING ON desktop mode in your device, however, it might not play as intended!

1: Among Us

Among Us

Among Us is an online casual and strategy two-player unblocked game. In this free online game, You can play with a basic number of four players and a maximum of ten players. Its story narrates the adventures of some crewmates who became stranded on their spaceship en route to the galaxy.

Unfortunately, amongst them is an alien imposter whose objective is to kill every other crewmate in the spaceship. As per the game, the imposter could be you or anyone. Depending on your choice, you can either accept to be the hero or villain in the game. As the hero, you’re to thwart the alien imposter; as the villian, you’re to kill other members of the ship.


This game can be played online for free on your browser. Supports both mobile and desktop.

Start your adventure now, by playing these unblocked multiplayer game with your buddies.

2: Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a puzzle online multiplayer game for two players. The objective of this game is to get three-four X’s or O’s in a row before your opponent.


There are three grids in the game. (The 3X3, 5X5, and 7X7) mode. In the 3X3 mode, you’re to complete three X’s or O’s before the other player, while the 5X5 and 7X7 require four. If you can’t win then go for a brace. There’s also a 2 player mode which you can choose during the start-up of the game.

The game works seamlessly on both mobile, desktop, and Chromebook web browsers. However, some mobile browsers may not work well. Tic Tac Toe is a favorite companion to relieve you when you’re bored. Play this exciting multiplayer game to enjoy the best puzzle game experience.

3: Friday Night Funkin’

Friday Night Funkin’

Sometimes referred to as “game for two”, Friday Night Funkin’ is an unblocked free-to-play online rythme-based game. In this fun and addictive game, completing the task is very simple but requires good timing.


Press the corresponding arrows. when the arrow marks is coming from below, and when the arrows are on top to keep up with the game. Friday Night Funkin’ features a good number of soundtracks that will always make the gameplay captivating. The game allows at least two players to play against each other.

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For now, the web version of this game does not support mobile devices. Play it on a desktop. However, there’s an android app version of this game that you can download and play on your phone.


4: Bullet Force

Bullet Force

Bullet Force unblocked is a free online multiplayer FPS 3D game. Bullet Force offers you the most realistic 3D graphics for an online game. There are several playable modes in this online multiplayer FPS action-shooter game (Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Conquest, VIP, Hardcore TDM, Hardcore FFA, Gun Game, and One Man Show).

You can connect and play alongside 20 other players in Bullet Force. There’s also a wide range of weapons players can choose from for battle like powerful machine guns, assault rifles, and SMGs.

Bullet Force was developed by Blayze Games. An android and iOS version of the game is also available. The online version that supports WebGL can be played for free on your desktop browser.

5: Madalin Stunt Cars 2

Madalin Stunt Cars 2

Madalin Stunt Cars 2 is two player unblocked racing game you can play online for free. This amazing 3D car racing game features some of the best and most powerful cars.

Are you tired of playing the single-player mode? This game allows you to invite your friends to racing contests on any of the available online multiplayer servers. In a game where there are no points, no wins or ties, feel free to perform the most insane drifts and stunts.

This game is free to play anywhere at home, school, or workplace. The game supports WebGL so use your computer to play Madalin Stunt Cars. Have fun!

6: Boxhead 2Play

Boxhead 2Play

Boxhead 2Play is the fourth entry in the Boxhead game franchise. Unlike other series, the 2Play version allows you to enjoy this game with 2 players.

To do this, after opening the game, select the mode “Cooperative” and then you and your friend can team up and fight in this online unblocked zombie game. Boxhead 2Play also gives you the chance of customising the game controls to fit your desire. Simply go to the control section to set it up.

Play this unblocked multiplayer game for free on your desktop web browser or Chromebook. Enjoy!

7: Battleship War

Battleship War

Battleship War is a free online multiplayer game. Utilizing a typical board game style, players are to assemble their battleships ranging from submarines, Cruisers, Destroyers, etc. on the provided board and thereafter enter into battle with the enemy.

Guide your fleet to victory by correctly guessing the right spot where your hidden enemy fleet is with your missile. The player who first destroys all of an opponent’s battleship wins the battle. You can play this exciting game with your friend online for free on your mobile or desktop browser.

8: Head Soccer 2 Player

Head Soccer 2 Player

If you love football games, you will certainly like playing this unblocked football game for school. In this epic football game, you can select about 4 football characters and compete against your opponents.

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Players are to play the game by hitting the ball on their heads only. Whenever you fail to recover a ball, a goal will be awarded to your opponent and vice versa. Aside from the single-player mode, there is a multiplayer version where you can invite your friends to the game and play together.

To fully enjoy this game, you are advised to play it on your PC.

9: Hangman


Hangman is a word game where players are to find the missing word(s). Empty spaces will be provided suggesting the missing letters you need to find.

Hangman has 2-3-4 player game modes. Try as much as you can to reduce guessing wrong letters as that causes you to lose a life as the hangman begins to appear piece after piece. Enjoy the best online word game by playing this old-school word game.

10: Basketball Legends 2020

Basketball Legends 2020

Basketball Legends is a 2 player basketball game featuring legends of the sports like LeBron James, James Harden, Luka Doncic, and more other superstars. Basketball Legends 2020 features a single-player and multiplayer mode. In the multiplayer or 2 player mode, you can compete in a match or tournament against other players.

The game works on both mobile and desktop web browsers. Play for free now and enjoy.

11: Master Chess

Master Chess

Master Chess allows you to play with the computer or locally against other players in the multiplayer mode. Test your intelligence and beat your opponents to become the Chess Grandmaster. Control the actions of the game using your mouse or device touchscreen.

Chess master is one of the few 2 player unblocked chess games you can play online for free. Challenge your friends in a chess duel to decide who becomes the master of the game.

12: Snakes and Ladders

Snake and Ladder

In this old 2 player board game now regarded as world classic, you’re to control your player in a square full of snakes, traps, and spikes. Roll your dice and guide your player to victory while avoiding obstacles.

In this online Snake and Ladders game, if you land on the ladder, you go up, if you land on the chute, you go down. You can choose to play this classic board game with your friends as the game supports a 2 player mode.

As always, enjoy and have fun!

13: Helifight


You can now easily play the Helifight 2 player unblocked game on your PC or mobile web browser for free. You don’t need to download or install any plugin to enjoy this epic helicopter fighting game. All you need is a strong internet connection and you’re all set to go.

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Controlling your helicopter is very easy. Depending on the device you’re using, you can use your keyboard’s arrow keys or touch the screen of your mobile to control the helicopter. You can choose either the Blue or Red Heli for action. Play now to enjoy.

14: Tank Struggle

Tank Struggle

Just like the title, you’re to battle with your friends online trying to destroy each others tank. Before starting the game, you can set the total number of scores a player can have in the game to be awarded the winner. The score runs from 1-99. Use power-ups to stun your opponents easily.

Tank Struggle runs smoothly on PC and mobile devices. Have fun playing this 2 player unblocked tank game.

15: Uno Online

Uno online

Uno is a brain-teasing card game for two players. The first player to be left with no card is awarded the winner of the contest. Uno online supports up to 2-3-4 players to connect on a multiplayer and play online.

This game is also appropriate for kids to play online at school or at home. It also works on PC and mobile browsers.

16: Stick Duel: Revenge

Stick Duel: Revenge

Stick Duel: Revenge is a stick-fighting unblocked multiplayer game. This very title in the stickman series comes with some fascinating features like new weapon types and flying shoes. The game works on mobile and desktop browsers.

Compete against your friends in battles and enjoy over 50 levels in this game.

17: Stickman Temple Duel

Stickman Temple Duel

Another stickman multiplayer unblocked game in this list is the – Stickman Temple Duel. The game has several playable modes but the 2 Player mode best fits our context. So are you interested in challenging your friends in a Temple duel? This game will provide you with one of the best 3D multiplayer experience.

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You can also access this game at school, at home, or work. Play now for free and have fun!

18: 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

Lover of billiards? Why not try the famous 8-Ball Pool game. In this game, you can invite your friends to compete with you online. An Android and iOS versions of this game are available. You can download them on their respective app stores.

However, the 8-ball unblocked online version here doesn’t need you to download the game before you can play it. All you need is an internet connection. Use your finger to control the angle of the stick and then tap and hold the screen to increase your hit power.

8 Ball Pool works perfectly for mobile devices. Enjoy one of the best billiards unblocked multiplayer games by playing the 8 Ball pool game now.

19: MX Offroad Master

MX Offroad Master

Enter into the most competitive racing adventure in this realistic bike racing online game. Discover new bikes, physics, aesthetics, and third-person camera perspective that will make your gameplay resounding. The game supports a multiplayer mode where you can play with 2 players.

MX Offroad Master is free to play online anytime at school, home, or work. The game works seamlessly on both mobile and desktop browsers. No need to download this game before playing, everything is done online.

Have fun in your adventure and good luck!

20: Darts


Compete with your friends on a local server and test your striking skills in this online unblocked darts game. All rules applied to real-world darts are also applicable in this game.

Try to aim at the Bullseye to score more points. Play this game with your friends at school or at home to enjoy it.

21: Stickman Supreme Duelist 2

Stickman Supreme Duelist 2

Stickman Supreme Duelist 2 is one of the best action multiplayer Stickman fighting games with ragdoll physics. You are to take down opponents as you progress in each mission. The game provides you with some good chunks of lethal weapons.

The multiplayer mode in this game allows you to pair with a friend and defeat other enemy stickmen. The game is compatible with a desktop web browser. A mobile browser might work but may not run as intended.

22: Fire vs Water Fights

Fire vs Water Fights

One of the free 2 player boxing games unblocked you can play online at school, at work, or home is the Fire vs Water Fights game. Throw quick jabs at your opponent and don’t show him rest. There’s a Super Punch mode which when used before expiring sustains critical damage to your opponents.

Enjoy the very best boxing experience when you play this game with friends. Fire vs Water Fights works best on a desktop browser.

23: Good Guys vs Bad Guys

Good Guys vs Bad Guys

Have fun with your friends at school in this action shooting game. You could either choose your destiny (whether to be the good guy or bad guy). To play this game in a multiplayer with two or more players, you need to set a room, select weapons to be used, and set the timing.

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You can control the action of the player using your computer keyboard. Kill the most opponents to win.

24: Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a free arcade shooting game for two players. Collect power-ups and money to boost your ability and upgrade your arsenal. There’s a feasible space war that you must repel. Send the enemies back to where they belong and secure the future of space.

Play online for free with friends on a local multiplayer server. Good luck!

25: Idle Zombie Guard

Idle Zombie Guard

Idle Zombie Guard is a zombie online shooting game. As you progress the monsters become stronger and larger in number.

Team up with your friend to increase your firepower and send back these bloodthirsty elements back to their graves before it becomes too late for you.

26: Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing

Welcome to the world of boxing. Send quick punches to your opponents and win 2 rounds in a row to become victorious. While throwing jabs, watch out for your energy bar else you lose balance and easily get knocked out in the game.

This game is available for two players and can be played online for free. No need to download it. Just tap the button below and enjoy with your buddies.

27: Horse Derby Racing

Horse Derby Racing

Horse Derby Racing is a fun and casual online game. You can now play this unblocked game with 1 or 2 players on a local server. In this game, there are seven different arenas and the planet Mars.

Rally your horse to victory and become the ultimate Horse Racing Derby champion. Use your arrow keys to control the movement of the horse.

28: Shadow Fighters

Shadow Fighters

Just like the Android and iOS versions, compete against your friends in any arena to know who is the best Shadow Fighter. Build your defensive and offensive capabilities by upgrading your body armor and weapons in the store.

Learn new skills and tricks to easily defeat your opponents. Have fun and enjoy!

29: Medieval Battle 2P

Medieval Battle 2P

Medieval Battle 2P is an adventure battle simulation game. Use the best strategy to defeat your enemies and conquer the lands. In this game, you are to strategically assign your army unit in the right position to gain victory.

A multiplayer mode is also provided in this game should you wish to play with your friends.

30: Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing

Rise to the ranks and finish first in all races to move higher on the leaderboard. Control powerful cars and win insane races. The game offers the most realistic 3D physics and a multiplayer mode. Play with friends anytime for free in your browser.

Use your keyboard to control the car and beat your friends in one of the best racing 2 player games unblocked for school.

Continued list of 2 player games unblocked


That’s all for now on some of the best 2 player unblocked games for school. I will keep updating more and new unblocked online games as they launch. The games in this list were gotten from external sites like Twoplayergames, 2player, Crazy games, Poki, Hihoy, Google sites, etc.

If you can’t find your preferred 2 player game in the list quickly drop the name of the game in the comment section and I will update it here for you. Have fun and enjoy your 2 player games unblocked for school.


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