30 Highly Compressed PPSSPP Games Under 100MB, 50MB,40MB, 30MB 200MB, Download on Android


Getting a high-sized PPSSPP game means you need to have a corresponding data budget and phone storage for the PSP game that you intend to download. This alone could be quite challenging, especially if you don’t have enough mobile data plan or sufficient memory space on your device. That being the case, the provision of highly compressed PPSSPP games becomes imperative.

To cut down these difficulties, I now decided to draft out a good number of compressed PSP games where you can quickly download the games directly to your phone with the speed of lightning since they come in small sizes.

Furthermore, the highly compressed PPSSPP games that will be provided in this post will come at a relatively low data size with compressed PSP games ranging from 10MB, 20MB,30MB, 40MB, 50MB, 60MB, 100MB, 150MB, 200MB, and the highest around 300MB-400MB which are few in this post. Also, the list includes the best and most popular PPSSPP games.

Let’s now take a look at some of these PSP games and how you can possibly download them directly to your android device without stress.

Highly compressed PPSSPP games under (10MB, 20MB, 30MB, 40MB, 50MB, 100MB, 200MB)

1: God of War- Ghost of Sparta

If the God of War game isn’t included in the list then I wonder which game will. An action-adventure game you will find very fun and addictive to play with a storyline you will certainly find interest in. With Lord Kratos labeled as Ghost of Sparta, you will battle against Greek gods and a lot of dreaded monsters and beasts.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP game has an initial file size of around 1.1GB. That’s size is somewhat ridiculous. But after a good touch to it, the game size was compressed to just 70MB. Isn’t that insane? So basically, you will be getting or downloading the game for a size of 70MB.

Get the God of War highly compressed PPSSPP game file below.


2: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Another action-packed video game that will be making my highly compressed PSP game list is the GTA: Vice City Stories. Set in an open-world environment, you can do virtually anything, possible from driving cars, riding motorcycles, operating helicopters, etc. You can also handle sophisticated weapons in the game.

GTA Vice Story’s original game size is 866MB. But now, you can get the game for a low size of just 150MB. That’s said you don’t have to spend much of your data or space just to accommodate the Vice City Stories game. Quickly use the button now to swiftly download and play the game on your android phone.


3: Need for Speed- Most Wanted 5-1-0

Need for Speed- Most Wanted 5-1-0 is one of the most popular racing games that’s developed for the PSP platform. It was one of the best PSP racing games that topped the chart in 2005. Despite being available for more than a decade now, the game still has that spark that would make you still find interest in the game.

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The initial size of the game is around 170MB-200MB, while the compressed size is just 70MB so you don’t need to spend much of your resources to get this thrilling action racing PSP game. Get the Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0 highly compressed PPSSPP zip file below.


4: Tehra: Dark Warrior

If you are looking out for PPSSPP games under the 100MB mark, then Tehra: Dark Warrior is one you should opt for. The role-playing game (RPG) features a demigoddess as its protagonist. With crazy creatures as enemies all around the game along with a sumptuous storyline, the game will well fit the type of game you typically love playing.

The game is one of the few PSP games under 40MB, therefore downloading the game should no way stand as a problem for you. You can try out this great RPG game by downloading it below.


5: God of War- Chains of Olympus

Also based on Greek mythology, God of War: Chains of Olympus features the best and strongest video game character, Kratos. Chains of Olympus PSP game focus on the adventures of Kratos and his quest to redeem Olympus from the plagues of the gods and neighboring forces. A game everyone who loves playing games would never want to miss.

If why you couldn’t play the God of War- Chains of Olympus on your android device was because the game file was large or you couldn’t get a working source to download the game, then your struggles for the game will certainly end today. Guess what? Getting this game from other sources might cause you to expend a whopping 1.2GB, but with the one here, you don’t have to waste such an amount of resource only on one game.

The God of War: Chains of Olympus PSP game has been highly compressed to just 88MB. This means that in a twinkle of an eye you will download and start playing the game on your phone. Explore the adventures of Kratos by downloading the God of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP game via the button below.


6: Assassins Creed: Bloodlines

Can you still remember playing Assassin’s Creed games like Brotherhood, Revelations, I, II & III on your java phone? What a nice and wonderful moment they were. This time on, you will be playing the Assassins Creed: Bloodlines PSP game on your android phone using the ppsspp emulator.

Assassin Creed: Bloodlines walks you through the adventures of Altair the protagonist in the game. Your duty in this adventurous game is to subsequently take down the Templars and everything surrounding it. The initial game size is around 450MB-500MB. But the one here goes for just 36MB. The game is among one of the few highly compressed PPSSPP games under 30MB.

Were you craving for the compressed Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines PPSSPP game? Then quickly download it below and start enjoying the full gaming action!


7: Prince of Persia: Revelations

Not the Java version this time, the Prince of Persia: Revelations is of the best action-adventure PPSSPP games you can play on your phone via the Android PPSSPP emulator. Filled with electrifying gameplay and beautiful cutscenes, Prince of Persia: Revelations will always go down as one of the best PSP games.

The official game size falls around 600-650MB. Although not quite large it could be challenging to download for some people, particularly those who have a low data budget. The joy there is that the game had been highly compressed so you can now download the game for just 260MB.

What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game now to uncover the full adventure of the Prince.


8: Iron Man 2

Released by Sega in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable, Iron Man is an action-packed PPSSPP game that is a highly needed action-adventure PSP game. The game is based on the film itself.

Iron Man 2 is one of the compressed PSP games under the 300MB margin. The initial size of the game is about 577MB, but the compressed version is 300MB. So if you have been longing to play the Iron Man 2 PSP game, you now have the chance as it has been highly compressed.


9: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Just like the Vice City Stories, GTA- Liberty City Stories stages a new and different form of adventure. Although both games share some identical features since all GTA games are set in an open-world environment. You can roam around the city as you want, cause fracas in the city, race, etc. Liberty City stories is one you will always look back on and say indeed it is one of the best PSP games.

The official size of the game sits around 400MB-450MB. However, the highly compressed version we have here goes for just 75MB. You can check out the game below.


10: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes is one of the best 2007 arcade fighting PPSSPP games. But the game size limits a good number of people from downloading the game. That’s because the game comes with large size of around 900MB. The data alone needed to accommodate the game is enough to get you up to 15 highly compressed PPSSPP games.

But now, you can get the game for just 60MB. Isn’t that meritorious? Rise to the ranks in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes tournament by downloading the game.


11: Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3 is one of the best comic video games PSP gamers would definitely love playing. It comes with a whole lot of welcoming features along with better upgrades as compared to its prequels. You will guide Spiderman as he battles vicious gangs and monsters in the city.

The Spiderman 3 game file is 1.19GB, while the highly compressed version is just 60MB. Enjoy every bit of action in this action-packed PSP game by downloading it below.


12: Spiderman 2

Enjoy the entertaining actions and adventures of Peter Parker in Activision’s Spiderman 2 game. New York City’s woes is taking gear every day and its fate lies in the hand of Spiderman. Take on the role of the spiderman and jettison all catastrophic elements in the city of New York.

The official size is 300MB while the compressed version in this post is just 111MB. Get started by downloading the game now.



13: Manhunt

One of the most dreaded/horror survival PPSSPP games of all time. The game features notorious and barbaric gangs who are known for committing numerous atrocities. The game’s soundtrack alone is enough to cause you to panic.

About 950MB is the official game file size while our highly compressed version is just 180MB. You can explore the full game horror by downloading the game below.


14: TNA IMPACT- Cross the Line

Enjoy the best action in this top PSP wrestling game. TNA Impact- Cross the Line hosts a good number of reputable wrestlers like Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Curryman, Samoa Joe, Mick Foley, Booker T, etc. Top TNA tournaments, and events are all available in this game.

TNA Impact: Cross the Line is a highly compressed PSP game that is under its enormous features and graphics. For me, 30MB for such a good game is just ridiculous. But then, that’s it. Enjoy the thrilling wrestling game on your android phone via the PPSSPP emulator by downloading the game now.


15: Dead to Rights: Reckoning

Another highly compressed action-adventure game in the mix is the Dead to Rights: Reckoning PSP game. Charge with the responsibility of getting rid of the notorious gangs in the city, you are to take the role of Officer Slate as you embark on your quest. The game also features a dog known as Shadow. A very close companion to the game character which aids him during combats.

Interestingly the main size of the game is between 150-300MB which seems like a compressed one. However, the game was still compressed to about 60MB. Quickly download the game below.


16: Need for Speed: Carbon

Closely related to the other series, Need for Speed: Most Wanted. NFS Carbon takes you through a lot of beautiful cities while you engage in highly competitive competitions. You can choose from among the host of cars that come with the game. Also, you can enjoy other actions by going against road laws which will alert the cops to start chasing you. At this point, survival is by maneuvering the cops by stunning or driving past them.

The highly compressed version is just 90MB as opposed to the main version which is around 300MB.


17: WWE 2K21

We 2K21 is one of the highly compressed ppsspp games under 300MB. It is a professional wrestling game staring at virtually all WWE events, characters, features, etc. The likes of John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Kane, etc are a few of the many wrestlers you will find in the game. Also, the game covers updates that were applicable in the WWE 2021 year.

Most of you who watch wrestling will give a thumbs up to this game. Thanks to the decent upgrades and improved gameplay. The file size for the game is above 900MB but after the compression, you will now be left to get the game for 300MB.


18: The Marbians

Although not a popular game, the Marbians is one of the top arcade puzzle PPSSPP games. The game is one of the highly compressed ppsspp games under 10MB for android. The game size goes for a bizarre 7MB. Practically, you should be downloading this game out of nothing, and start enjoying the puzzles immediately.


19: Marvel Nemesis

Another compressed PSP game under 100MB is the Marvel Nemesis. Marvel Nemesis allows you to take the role of the superhero where you will be charged with the responsibility of defending the planet against enemy alien forces.

The main size stacks up about 870MB whereas the compressed version is just 100MB. Download the game below.


20: Mortal Kombat- Unchained

Enjoy the best of Mortal Kombat for just 240MB. The Game was published in 2010 by Midway Games. Mortal Kombat: Unchained is an arcade fighting game where you will compete in fighting tournaments against other fighters in the Mortal Kombat universe. The game is fun to play with great graphics and enormous features.

The original size is capped at around 600MB while the compressed file is under 130MB.



Experience a new sphere of adventure in this action-packed PSP game. Ben is capable of transforming into 10 different creatures each with unique abilities. Earth is now heading to destruction by aliens and monsters. Use Ben to salvage earth from tilting from its route to destruction.

Due to the high graphics and several outstanding features, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction caps at 700MB. However, the compressed size is just a petty 88MB. Get the game below.


22: FIFA Street 2

FIFA Street 2 is one of the best street soccer PSP games. The games are set in the street where you play against opponents as a 4-a-side team. You can perform various skills and tricks to take on opponents.

The compressed version of the game is just 70MB while the main version is 250MB or more. All football lovers should try out this competitive football game.

Check out the game below.


23 Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is an action-adventure game where you take the role of the Prince who is faced with enormous attacks while he seeks to achieve his objectives. The gameplay is highly addictive and electrifying. However, the game size is fairly high and might cause you little problems downloading.

The good news is that the game size has been highly compressed from 600MB to just a hundred and fifty megabytes [150MB]. What else do you anticipate from this game? Download it now and enjoy the adventure.


24: Need for Speed: Underground

Download NFS: Underground and battle against the elite racers in the city. Also, the NFS Battleground supports Ad-hoc multiplayer, where you can connect and play the game with your friends. Luckily you can get the game now for just 170MB.


25: Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory is one of my favorite war-action PSP games. The game tries to recreate the ordeals of WWII. Just like in war movies, you aren’t going to the battle alone but with your comrades in the army. The game comes with good graphics and a stellar storyline.

The initial game size is 400MB. Meanwhile, the highly compressed version is just 150MB. Begin the world war 2 adventure by downloading the game below.


26: Def Jam: Fight for NY

Def Jam: Fight for NY full fighting action game. Just like other fighting games, you will have to defeat other crazy and powerful fighters in the hood to take over the city of New York and become the #1 fighter. The game allows you to apply various fighting tricks and skills to your opponents to stun or critically damage their life. For me, Def Jam: Fight for NY is one of my favorite fighting PPSSPP games I often play. Various hip-hop soundtracks that rocked during the 90s are featured in the game, so when you want to play the game remember to put on your headphones and enjoy the beats while you play your game.

For a game of this caliber packed with scintillating graphics and features, you should know that it might take much from you to download. The officially released game size is around 800MB or more. However, we have been able to compress the game size to 300MB which you won’t find difficult to download.


27: Spongebob SquarePants- The Yellow Avenger

Enjoy the highly compressed version of the Spongebob SquarePants- The Yellow Avenger game. The game was released by THQ in 2006 for PlayStation Portable. Spongebob has a lot of villains in the game so the goal is to conquer his enemies. The file size has been compressed to 120MB. Download the game to get started.


28: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Explore the ad adventures of Aang the Last Airbender. The Fire Nations are the most dreaded nations and major opposition of Aang. Use the Avatar to get rid of them as they come your way.

After compression, the game with an initial size of 200MB was reduced to 90MB. Quickly download the game below to enjoy it.


29: Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is fighting the PSP video game. To make the game more captivating, the developers introduced the legendary video game character, Kratos to its list of fighters. The winner in a fight is declared after a fighter diminishes an opponent’s health to zero.

You can get the compressed version now for 350MB.


30: NB 2K11

Rise your team to the ranks and you become the ultimate champion of the Basketball game. The gameplay is top-notch. The graphics as well is very rich along with outstanding features. Get the highly compressed version of the game below.


How to install ppsspp games

After downloading your favorite PPSSPP game ISO file, the next step is to extract or unzip the ISO file so that you can successfully run the game on the PSP emulator app. To get started simply;

  • Open the ES file explorer app.
  • Click the internal storage that looks like an SD card. After that, click on the Download folder. Check below, you will see the PSP ISO game file in a zip format.
  • Tap and hold the zipped file. It will bring up options. Now click on More located at the bottom right corner.
  • Tap on Extract To and then click on choose path. Click on SDcard and then locate the PSP folder. Tap the PSP folder > Game. While in the PSP game folder, click OK to finally extract the game zip file.
  • After successfully extracting the game, now launch your PPSSPP app. Navigate to the PSP folder > Games where you extracted the game into. Finally, tap on the game and wait for it to load
  • At this point, the game should be fully loaded and you can now enjoy your game.

Final Words

That’s all for now on my list of the latest highly compressed PPSSPP games. I believe after going through the post you will really find it helpful. If you are looking for a highly compressed ppsspp game that is not in the above list, do well to notify and I will update it here in a jiffy for you.

If this post has satisfied your needs, do not hesitate to drop a comment and share. Enjoy!

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