God of War- Chains of Olympus

God Of War- Chains Of Olympus PPSSPP ISO Zip File Download [Higly Compressed PSP Game 88MB]

In one of our recent posts here at NEXKINPROBLOG, I dropped a direct link where you can download the God of War – Ghost of Sparta PPSSPP ISO file. But in today’s publication, I will be posting another installment in the God of War series. Am talking about; God of War- Chains of Olympus.

I will be posting a link where you can download the God of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP ISO zip file game on your Android device for free. Also, the Chains of Olympus has been highly compressed to a relatively low size where you can easily download the PPSSPP game without having to spend much of your data.

I could remember playing Chains of Olympus on a PlayStation game console and PSP back in 2012 with my friends. The introduction of the PSP emulator now welcomed the game to the Android system.

The mini-game scene of the God of War Chains of Olympus is one of the reasons why I love the game. You just can’t dislike this game, except you can’t slay the beasts in the game.

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Just like the Ghost of Sparta series, the God of War Chains of Olympus also features an adventurous quest, with terrific and monstrous creatures encapsulated throughout the game. To progress, you have to wipe out any obstacle in the way.

Everything you need to get started on the God of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP ISO file is provided below.

Basic Info About The God Of War – Chains of Olympus PPSSPP ISO Game

Game NameGod of War – Chains of Olympus
Console/SystemPlayStation Portable (PSP)
GenresHack and Slash, Action-adventure game
File Size88MB (Highly Compressed)
Developer(s)Santa Monica Studio, Ready at Dawn
Publisher(s)Sony Interactive Entertainment
Released4 March 2008

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God Of War – Chains of Olympus Storyline

Set in Ancient Greece, including Olympian gods and Titans.

During Kratos, 10 years of service to the Olympian gods, Kratos is sent to aid Attica from the incoming Persian attack. The game begins in Attica which is under heavy siege from the Persian army and their monster basilisk.

After battling the first batch of Persian soldiers, Kratos now comes in contact with the basilisk which he however defeated. This subsequently led to him battling and killing the Persian king.

After finding the Temple of Helios, Athena charges Kratos to find the missing Sun God, as Morpheus has caused many of the gods to fall into a deep slumber in the absence of light.

Kratos with the intention of reuniting with his deceased daughter, Kratos renounces his power and weapon as required by the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone for his quest.

After discovering that Persephone was an ally to Atlas, was using the power of the kidnapped Helios to destroy the Pillar of the World, which would also end Olympus, and as a result, of the destruction of the pillar, the souls of the underworld will be lost forever.

Kratos retakes control of his weapon and power and fights Persephone and Atlas. He succeeds in defeating Persephone and Atlas, but he is warned by the duo that his nightmares will never end and that he will regret working for the gods.


The God of war chains of Olympus uses a combo-based weapon that is gained from his primary weapon – Blades of Chaos.

To eliminate most bosses in Chains of Olympus, some commands are to be executed or performed in quick succession.

As Kratos advances in the game, he acquires new weapons like the Sun Shield and Gauntlet of Zeus. He also learns to master three magical abilities- Efreet, the Light of Dawn, and Charon’s Wrath.

Requirements To Install And Play God Of War- Chains of Olympus PPSSPP ISO Game

To successfully play the God of war chains of Olympus game, you need to meet certain requirements, particularly with your Android device. Although the requirements are all easy to meet.

Below are some of these requirements.

  • An android phone
  • Minimum of 1GB RAM to avoid hanging. Preferably 2GB RAM or higher
  • Minimum phone storage of at least 500MB or higher
  • PPSSPP app (PSP emulator)  download ppsspp silver or Gold version
  • ES file explorer or ZArchiver file manager app. Download ES file explorer or ZArchiver
  • God of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP zip ISO file. Check below for the God of War PSP game download link

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Where To Download God Of War – Chains of Olympus PPSSPP Zip File Highly Compressed 88MB

You can now download the God of War chains of Olympus for PPSSPP to your Android device from the link dropped below. No broken links. Tested and working. Also, the God of War Chains of Olympus had an initial size of about 1.5GB.

1.5GB game size is very much, especially if you are downloading the file from a limited mobile network plan. Also, you will also need to have a corresponding ROM storage for the game else you won’t be able to download and play the game.

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Due to the massive size of the file, the game size was worked on and compressed to a very small size of just 88MB so that you can now easily and quickly download the PPSSPP game and also play it without any hassle.

To get started, quickly download the God Of War – Chains Of Olympus PPSSPP ISO zip file below.

Screenshots of God of War- Chains of Olympus

How To Unzip/Extract & Install God Of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP ISO Game

One thing is to download the God of War – Chains of Olympus PPSSPP iso zip file and another thing is to extract or unzip the game so that you can play the game on your PPSSPP emulator app.

Since the game is in a zip state, unzipping it is the only way you can play the game.

You check out our full guide on how to extract zip files as well as install games with obb files.

To extract or unzip the God of War PPSSPP ISO file, you need a file manager. For easy and quick extraction of the zip file, I recommend the ES file explorer or ZArchiver. But for the purpose of this post, I will be using the ES file explorer app.

  • To extract the game zip file, simply open the ES file explorer app. Click the internal storage that looks like an SD card. After that, click on the Download folder
  • Check below, you will see the God of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP highly compressed ISO game file in a zip format.
  • Tap and hold the zipped file. It will bring up options. Now click on More located at the bottom right corner. Tap on Extract To and then click on choose path.
  • Click on sdcard and then locate the PSP folder. Tap the PSP folder > Game.
  • While in the PSP game folder, click ok to finally extract the game zip file.
  • After successfully extracting the game, now launch your PPSSPP app. Navigate to the PSP folder > Games, where you extracted the God of War Chains of Olympus into, and then tap on the game for it to load.

Immediately, you can now start playing the God of War PSP game on your Android phone. Enjoy!

How To Use Cheats On God Of War – Chains of Olympus highly compressed

If you have played the God of War Chains of Olympus or any of its other installments, you will find out that sometimes you could be stuck up on a particular stage of the game for some hours, days, or even weeks due the how difficult it is to defeat certain beings and obstacles in the game.

Due to this difficulty experienced while playing the game and other PPSSPP games, I made a post on how you can apply or use cheats on ppsspp games.

So to use cheats on the chains of Olympus, quickly check out our guide on the latest PPSSPP cheat.db file and how to use cheats on PPSSPP games.

Not just for the God of War- Chains of Olympus, the cheat.db file can also be used on most, if not all PPSSPP games.


Thanks for reading this far. But then, if you have any questions patterning the Chains of Olympus ppsspp game, be it on downloading issues, or how to extract the ISO zip file, you can do well to drop your comment below for quick help.

For those of us who had little or no issues during the process, kindly drop your thoughts below too, and also disseminate this article using the share buttons below.

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