How to connect PPSSPP multiplayer

How To Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer On Android – PSP Ad-hoc


In this guide, I will be showing you a simple method on how to connect PPSSPP multiplayer on android and play any multiplayer/ad-hoc game on your device with your friends.


Also, setting up PPSSPP games in multiplayer mode doesn’t require an internet connection, everything is done offline. The method I will be showing you works very fast and can be applied to any PSP game that supports multiplayer or ad-hoc.

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Overview of the PPSSPP Multiplayer

The ppsspp multiplayer feature allows two or more players to pit together on various PPSSPP multiplayer games. With the ppsspp multiplayer settings, you can now enjoy and rival your friends on various PPSSPP games.


This feature is very essential especially for those who do not have PlayStation consoles at home. It now gives you the portability of playing and competing with your friends with ease.

Also, since you’re using your device, the game control will become convenient and handy for you.

How To Connect PPSSPP For Multiplayer On Android

Meanwhile, before I proceed, you can do well to also check out our other post on the best PPSSPP/PSP multiplayer games for Android. Now to play multiplayer on PPSSPP;

  • Turn on your Android’s Portable WI-FI Hotspot and tell your friend or whoever you want to play with to turn on their Wi-Fi and connect.
  • After that, both of you should launch the PPSSPP emulator app. Don’t open the game you intend to play yet.
  • While on the PPSSPP app menu, both players should do this; Go to the PPSSPP SETTINGS
  • Tap >Networking
  • Enable networking/WLAN– Check or tick the same function as PSP’s WLAN Switch
  • Change PRO ad hoc server IP address– This is very necessary. The both of you should type as your pro ad hoc server IP address to avoid hanging or the ppsspp from freezing
  • Enable Built-in PRO ad hoc Server– Tick only if you’re the host (the phone that is enabled is Portable-Wifi-Hotspot)
  • MAC address– click on, change MAC address to generate random MAC addresses. Make sure both players use different MAC addresses
How to Connect PPSSPP multiplayer
Use this image as reference
  • After that, start the game.
  • If it hangs, use Frameskip.
  • Now go to Match > Exhibition. chose > Adhoc by pressing X.
  • The Host should Make Room while the other player should Search For Match Room. (The Host is the one that enabled his hotspot to be connected by the other player)
Connect PPSSPP multiplayer
  • After successfully setting up the room, choose your preferred teams and enjoy the multiplayer mode.

What’s needed to Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer

  • PPSSPP emulator app (Install PPSSPP emulator here)
  • You must have at least 512MB RAM and enough storage space
  • Android Phone with Portable WI-FI Hotspot.
  • Also functioning WI-FI

Does PPSSPP Support Two 2 Players?

Yes. you can play PPSSPP with 2 or more players. You can use the settings to play PPSSPP games with two or more players

The method can be used to play any PPSSPP multiplayer games like PES 2016, PES 2018, PES 2019, PES 2020, PES 2021.

The settings also apply to other PPSSPP games like Naruto. It can be used to play multiplayer on Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat, WWE SmackDown vs Raw, and other PPSSPP multiplayer games.


Can I use cheats during multiplayer mode

Yes. You can use cheats while playing PPSSPP multiplayer games as the PSP cheat file supports most PSP games. Even while playing as a single player you can still use cheats.

So if you’re interested in applying cheats on any PPSSPP game, you can read this guide on how to use cheats on PPSSPP games.

How To Fix PPSSPP Multiplayer Connection Issue

If you are having issues connecting PPSSPP multiplayer, this section will cover some guide on how to fix issues like socket error 113 ppsspp, fix PPSSPP failed to connect to Adhoc server, how to fix socket error 101 PPSSPP, fix DNS error connecting PPSSPP, PPSSPP network sync failed and other technical issues.


Sometimes, while trying to connect the ppsspp multiplayer mode with your friends, you might experience some connection issues like unable to find host or host unable to create room. The issue sometimes could be from your end or may not.

To confirm the problem isn’t from your end, simply recheck the ppsspp emulator multiplayer settings used above just in case you may have made a mistake with the settings.

If everything’s ok with the settings, but the issue still persists, do this to fix the ppsspp multiplayer connection issue.


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To fix ppsspp multiplayer connection issues, simply exit the ppsspp emulator app. Your friend should do the same too.

Now, turn off your hotspot, and ask your friend to turn off his or her wi-fi.

After that, turn on your hotspot and ask your friend to turn on his or her wi-fi and connect.

After creating the connection, open the ppsspp emulator app and start the game.

Goto Match > Exhibition > Adhoc. Make room and the other player should Search For Match Room.

Once connected, proceed to team select and enjoy your ppsspp multiplayer game.


  • The host is the one that turned on his hotspot, while the other player connected via WiFi
  • Make sure you create the hotspot and WiFi connection before opening the ppsspp emulator app


After coming this far, you should be able to connect PPSSPP multiplayer with your friends and enjoy the rivalry. Any more issues on how to connect PPSSPP multiplayer? Kindly drop your comments.


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  3. I did all the steps as instructed in playing PPSSPP multiplayer but it keeps showing me connecting to network I waited for 30 minutes but still it won’t connect. Please why😞😞😞.

      1. I did all the required but it still tells me c”connecting to network”please what is the issue

        1. Sometimes your Android version could be the problem. Android 10 and above are incompatible with the settings.

  4. I did all the required but it still tells me “connecting to network”please what is the issue

  5. After setting it as instructed is still showing me that a communication errors has occurred. WLAN wireless switch is off please turn on the WLAN switch. What should I do next??

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