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Secordle Game (Sedecordle) – Play Word-Puzzle Game


Sedecordle often misspelt as Secordle is a great and free-to-play web-based puzzle game where players are to look for hidden words. Just like a typical wordle-solving game, Secordle game brings in a new style of puzzle-solving to the system. You must find the 16 secret words in the game while only being provided with just 21 guesses. That’s saying, you will lose the game if you fail to uncover the complete words after 21 attempts to find them.

You just need to be at your best to overcome this challenging web browser game.

Where to play Secordle game?

Use the link below to play Sedecordle for free on your device or visit Secordle



How to play Secordle game

You just need to have a piece of basic knowledge of how to play this game. As earlier mentioned the objective is to find the missing words in the cell and try to use the limited guesses sparingly. Below are the ways to play and pass the challenges.

  • Visit the site from the link above.
  • The FREE mode allows players to master the basics and tips of the game before starting the real campaign, while the DAILY mode is to enter the daily puzzles campaign where they will receive free and new daily puzzles.
  • The letters in the correct position and answer will be marked green
  • The letters in the wrong spot, but available in the word will be marked yellow
  • The letters not in the word and in any spot will be marked black
  • Once all letters are inputted into the cell, click enter to check if your guess is correct or wrong
  • Don’t forget that each guess must be a five-lettered word!

Will I receive daily Secordle?

Yes. Each day, the wordle is updated with new words and challenges, so you will get new puzzles everyday by visiting the site daily.

Is Secordle free to play?

Yes! Playing Secordle is free. You don’t have to opt in for any paid feature to enjoy the free daily puzzles.


Is Secordle web browser based alone?

Yes. Secordle is available as a web browser game. No need to download the game. You just have to play it online with your browser.


Apart from Secordle, there are other word puzzle games you can still spend your time on. However, since Secordle is very challenging, it now makes the game interesting to play. Players will have to put their IQ to the test with the difficulty of the game. The more you play, the more fascinating the game gets.

Thankfully, there’s a free option for newbies in the game to get conversant with the tricks and hacks of the game. All this will appear as a mystery to you until you get yourself involved in this game. Play now to see for yourself.


Enjoy and gave fun!


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