Burrito Edition - Minecraft

Burrito Edition – Minecraft v1.5.2

Burrito Edition is a real Minecraft game you can play on your web browser for free. The game is a free software made available by Eaglercraft. Explore new gaming adventures and transform anything into what you could ever imagine.

This very Burrito Edition – Minecraft comes with a single-player mode. Your relays in the game have to be the same to use LAN. You will find more customizations and settings when you play the game.

How to play the Burrito Edition – Minecraft

Setting up Burrito Edition – Minecraft is very easy:

  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions; quickly set your desired screen name for the game. It could be anything, and then select the player skin of your choice. Burrito Edition comes with a host of cool player skins. You can also add your preferred skin by choosing any photo from your device. When done with this phase, hit Done to move over to the next part.
  • As mentioned earlier, this very version supports only single-player. So click on the Single-player option in the main menu.
  • There you can create a new world, give it a name and then start enjoying your game.
  • During gameplay, you can also perform customizations like Turning on/off Jacket, Hat, Left Sleeve, Right Sleeve, Lefts Pants Leg, Right Pants Leg, and lots more.

It’s important you regularly download and save your game progress should the link get blocked.


  • Movement – WASD
  • POV movement – Mouse
  • Mine or fight – Left-click

Do I have to pay to play Burrito Edition Minecraft?

No. The game is totally free to play on your web browser. All you need is a good internet connection and you are good to go.

Bottom line

Your first night in the game is where the real test comes, particularly if you are a new player. The Skeletons and Arachnophobia are two hostile mobs you should watch out for while trying to survive your first night in the game. Enjoy!

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