How Influencers Make Money Online

5 Ways On How Influencers Make Money Online


One of the modern professions that this generation is making a living out of is becoming a social media influencer. Social media Influencers are popular users who cash on their follower count by endorsing products and brands who pay them to advertise for them in return. The most popular social networking platforms that influencers make money through are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat.


If you follow an influencer on any of these platforms, you must have seen one of their videos reviewing a product or making a video around it. From unboxing videos to styling ones, influencers know how to hit that right nerve and make you believe your life is a little less sweet or spicy without that item in it. What helps them generate sales for brands is the millions of people who follow them who will potentially be attracted to buy or follow the brand they’re endorsing.

If you’re also wondering how you can choose the influencer life for yourself, we are here with tips on how to make money through social media platforms. And before you kickstart your influencing journey, be sure to hook yourself up with one of the best internet service such as Windstream Internet. You can look for Windstream Internet packages online on their website or drop them a call.

Now, let’s explore the rich lives of social media influencers!


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How Influencers Make Money Online

1. Partnering with brands

Influencers partner with brands by receiving their PR packages that they then flaunt over on their Instagram profiles. Sometimes, they subtly tag their products in the captions, or they create specific content such as styling videos or reviews to discuss the PR package they’ve received.

Brands may even make proper contracts with influencers based on their similar content niches to target their followers. So if you’re building your followers, you might also want to choose a niche and create content specific to it so you can get your work-related deals with brands. Brands may pay you cash, or products worth that money as compensation for your partnership.


2. Affiliate Marketing 101

Another way influencers make money online is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a long-term goal for most influencers. When an influencer endorses a brand or comes into a contract with them, they can also opt to market them without cost and instead, get a share in profits made through the traffic they generate for the brand. A percentage commission is decided amongst both parties and influencers add their discount promos along with their posts to earn profits from sales generated through them.

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3. Selling their own Merchandise

If you have a huge number of followers that you can convert into sales for other brands, why not do that for yourself? A lot of influencers invest in producing a product that represents them and their followers that they can buy in solidarity with their favorite vlogger or blogger. Imagine your favorite influencers launching a limited edition phone cover designed to represent their page or hashtag, wouldn’t you be interested in buying it and becoming a part of their community officially?


That’s the idea behind influencer merchandising.

4. Posting sponsored content

Another way influencers make cash out of their social media handles is by posting about something on their page. When they post something, there is a guarantee that a certain amount of people will surely be reached by them. Influencers cash their number of followers and account engagement by posting online.

You will be amazed to know how much a famous influencer may be earning on each story, post, or reel that they share. Depending on the follower band you fall in, starting from 10,000 followers up to a million plus followers, you can set a per-post rate and share it with anyone who is interested in getting a post shared by you.


5. Co-Creating Products with brands

 Influencers collaborate with artists or brands and develop product lines that are limited edition and available for a limited time. There is a percentage share that influencers keep out of this collaboration, and the brand earns by heightened sales that the influencer’s followers generate in that small period of time. Sounds like a win-win situation going on here.

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An example of such a collaboration can be seen between sporting giants and football players. A lot of sporting goods businesses sign footballers up to create clothing lines or footwear and the product line is titled with the footballer’s name. All fans of that footballer will automatically buy that product to show support for their favorite player.


Ending Note

All in all, influencers are making millions of dollars each year. Their lavish lifestyles, expensive cars, high-end products, and collaborations with world-class brands confirm their success in life and their careers. If you also think you were born for this lifestyle, do give it a try and start your social media-influencing journey today!


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