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How To Upload Videos To Opera News And Make Money From It

In my last post, I showed you a guide on how you can easily signup with Opera News Hub and start making money just for writing articles. This time around, I will be showing you how to upload videos to Opera News and how you can make the most out of it.

Before now, a lot of Opera News Hub Creators have found it difficult to upload videos to Opera News, therefore they settle for publishing articles on the Opera News Hub only.

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By uploading videos to Opera News, you tend to increase or make more money from Opera, because you don’t just publish articles alone, but also videos. Another interesting part of this new update is that your uploaded videos stand a high chance of being accepted provided it complies with Opera News policy. I shall relate the policies to you below.

The update was announced by Opera News recently, allowing its Hub Creator’s to easily post or publish videos to Opera News.

Meanwhile, to be able to do this, you need to meet certain conditions from Opera News. Below are the requirements.

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  • A PC or Smartphone
  • You must be a verified Opera News Hub Creator
  • You need to update your Opera News App to the latest version in Google Playstore v7.5. Download Here

How To Upload Videos To Opera News And Make Money From It

After meeting the above conditions, simply launch the just downloaded Opera News App and wait for it to open.

After opening, tap the button at the top right corner as shown in the picture below.

Upload Videos To Opera

As seen in the picture, tap video. It will automatically take you to your gallery showing you the list of videos in your storage. Chose or select your preferred video. That is, the video you wish to upload. After choosing your desired clip to upload, the video will now begin the uploading process.

Upload Videos To Opera

After a successful upload, the video will be subject to a review process from Opera News, and after passing the review process, your video will be published.

Upload Videos To Opera

Opera News uses the review process to check uploaded videos if they conform to their policies and rescind or repudiate violating ones.

What To Take Note Of Before Uploading Videos To Opera News

Before you upload videos to Opera News, one needs to be careful about the type of video he wants to upload as not all videos tend to be accepted by the system.

  • Opera News frowns greatly on adult content. That is pornographic videos, etc. Therefore, to make the most out of Opera News, make sure you shun uploading videos containing pornographic content and the likes. For now, that’s one of the major warnings from Opera News.
  • You don’t get paid when you post videos on Opera news, but only when you write articles. Posting or uploading videos to Opera news helps in increasing your audience which will help you get more clicks when you post articles on the platform

Meanwhile, I will be updating you guys about any new policies from Opera News. So for now, that’s just the only policy.

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