Airtel Nigeria 500MB Social Bundle Cheat Via EC Tunnel VPN

Just in another loophole has been discovered in the Airtel Network. The cheat is a social bundle plan which you subscribe to and then use the EC TUNNEL VPN to power it. In this guide you will tend to learn how to activate the Airtel Nigeria 500MB social bundle cheat via EC Tunnel VPN.


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The data is valid for 1 month and you can accumulate the data as much as you can.

Lets give a brief about the whole thing. Airtel recently added a new social bundle plan which allows her users to get a whopping 500MB for just N100. The data can only be used to browse on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram etc.



But in this post, I will be sharing with you the method you will be using to power the data to browse all sites with the aid of the EC TUNNEL VPN. That means that you can use the data to browse, download and lots more.

Although the package appears to be sim selective but hopefully it should work for most of us. Below are the basic requirements;

  • A Registered Airtel Nigeria SIM Card
  • You must have atleast N100 in your account to purchase the data
  • Download EC Tunnel VPN. Download here

How To Activate The Airtel Nigeria 500MB Social Bundle Cheat Via EC Tunnel VPN

After meeting the above prerequisites, simply;

  • Dial *141*104# and subscribe to the plan.
  • After that, download EC Tunnel VPN from this link
  • After downloading it, Launch the EC TUNNEL VPN
  • In Server, Select any of your preferred servers. Incase it doesn’t connect, try other servers
  • In Tweaks, select NG|Airtel 500MB Social Bundle.

After setting it up as instructed, tap the big start button and wait for it to connect within few seconds. On connection, minimize and browse the net.

Kindly take note;

1: The data is capped at 500MB and not unlimited
2: The data can be accumulated so feel free to subscribe more and more.


Enjoy! Sooner we will be sharing other free browsing cheat on all networks.
Please drop your comments below and don’t forget to share with your friends.


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