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Get 2GB On MTN Via MyMTN App

Get 2GB With MyMTN App

In this post, you will be learning how you can get 2GB on MTN via MyMTN App. The data is not a cheat or is it aided by a VPN. It’s a free gift from MTN which you receive for just signing up with the MyMTN App.

The MyMTN App is an MTN self care app which allows MTN users to perform basic self care functions like buying of data, recharging, payment of bills etc.

MyMTN App is an all in one self care app that gives you full control in managing your phone account, monitor your usage pattern, manage your data usages and subscribe to products and services from your mobile device, all on-the- go.

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In a bid to increase it mobile app users, MTN now gives 500MB data bonus to their subscribers who sign up with the app. And also give 200MB bonus for referral.

In this post, I will be showing you how to accumulate the MyMTN App data and get upto 2GB which you can use for browsing, downloading, streaming of videos etc.


  • You must be an MTN subscriber with a valid MTN Sim
  • Download the MyMTN App
  • Signup with the MyMTN App

After meeting the above conditions, you are just on the brink of getting the 2GB from MTN

How To Get 2GB On MTN Via MyMTN App

Now after downloading and signing up with the MyMTN App, you will be given the MyMTN App sign up data bonus of 500MB which you can use to browse any site of your choice.

Inorder to accumulate the data and get upto 2GB you need to refer more people to use the app. You can easily refer your friends and family members who are MTN subscribers to get the data.

How To Refer Someone With The MyMTN APP

Inorder to refer more users simply open the my MyMTN App and navigate to the INVITE & GET Free Data. After taping it a Menu will display asking you to input the number of persons you want to refer. If you don’t have the MyMTN App, you can download it here.

To get the 2GB data, input atleast 10 of your friends MTN numbers. A message will be sent to all your referrals asking them to download and redeem their MyMTN App data.

For you to get the data your invited friends need to download the MyMTN App and signup with the app. Immediately they sign up, your data will be redeemed.

To avoid the stress of downloading the MyMTN App simply share your MyMTN App with them and ask them to sign up.


1: For you to get the 2GB, you need to refer atleast 10 people. And the people you referred need to signup with the MyMTN App for you to redeem your 2GB
2: You can accumulate the MyMTN App data as much as you can. Meaning you can even get up to 10GB provided you refer more people.
3: Each person you invite attracts a referral bonus of 200MB
4: The MyMTN App data is valid for 1 day (24 hours)
5: You can use the data to browse any site of your choice and also download. no VPN required to power the data.

What are you waiting for? Start referring to enjoy the data as it blazes.

Meanwhile we will soon update you guys on the latest free browsing cheats on all networks as it drops. Stay Tuned!

Drop your comments on the comment box for instant reply incase you have any issue trying to get your data and share this link with your friends.



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