Volarant: Crazy Op Tricks

Valorant: Crazy Op Tricks That Will Carry You To Immortal!


The Operator, popularly known as the OP, is a deadly weapon in Valorant. It’s a high risk gun, but if you can hit the target, you get higher rewards. Is it a beginner friendly weapon? Can everyone use this weapon? 


We’ll answer all these questions in this guide. You will get a complete breakdown of how to use the OP in addition to sharing some crazy OP tricks that will carry you to immortal. Besides, there are some fantastic recommended Valorant hacks by pro players using which you can upscale yourself even more. 

To learn all these crazy OP tricks, continue scrolling through till the bottom. 

When To Use The OP In Valorant? 

OP is a coveted sniper in Valorant that can give you instant kills in the game. But what is the best time to use this weapon? Although it’s a powerful weapon, a slight miss can cost you more than give you an advantage. 


The OP performs well in big maps like Breeze, where you need to keep the opponents at bay. Using the Operator in small maps like Bind can have adverse effects like running downtime, negatively impact your economy, and finally, you’ll lose the game

When Should You Buy The OP? 

Buying the Operator causes 4,700 creds which is a huge investment. But if you are confident about your shooting skills, the gun pays for each penny. If you are accurate with your aim, you can wipe out an entire team with just a couple of fires. 

You can buy the Operator anytime you think your team can afford the weapon, and you are the primary sniper of the team. 


OP tactics  

Hold the red dot closer to the wall edge you are aiming. This may not work at all times, so allow yourself some lead space in case an enemy comes rushing. Using the Operator, you should always try to get the first shot. 

OP is a great weapon if you can be accurate with your firing; therefore, peeking an angle with the OP should always be a calculated decision. Also, if you are able to use the OP successfully, your opponents are going to notice you. 


They’ll either try to avoid you or come at you with the whole gang. Therefore, keep changing your spot so that you can shock them with surprise attacks. 

Which Agents Work Best For OP? 

Pro players consider Jett as the best agent for using the Operator. Jett has dashes, and updrafts give her the best moves to gun down enemies and escape without getting caught. 

Other agents that can handle the OP pretty well are Killjoy and Omen. These agents aim from corners from where they can aim at the enemies well without letting them come near. 


You Can Double Zoom With OP: Here Is How

Double zooming will ensure you are right at your aim and get assured kills. To double zoom with the OP, you have to- 

  • Go to the settings 
  • Click on settings 
  • You will see a toggle zoom level option
  • Set the setting on any key closest to the fire button
  • Then you have to press scope-in (hold/toggle) and press the zoom key to double zoom. 

Is The Operator Really Worth The Price? 

We understand you need to pay a considerable amount for the Operator, which is why players always question if it’s worth the price. How the gun performs entirely depends upon the user. If you are good at sniping skills, the weapon can prove deadly for your enemies, but it might always not work in your favor if you are not a pro at it. 

Wrapping Up 

Hopefully, this guide on OP has been useful, and you got the idea of how the weapon works. Be wise, patient, and accurate with your aims if you want to prove deadly in Valorant and win the game. Keep in mind the things we mentioned if you decide to get the weapon. 


What’s your thought on the OP? Did you find these tips useful? Let us know in the comments. 


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