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2022 Hungry Shark Evolution Hack iOS Download [Unlimited Money & Gems]


Are you a fan of the Hungry Shark Evolution game? This post will provide you with the Hungry Shark Evolution hack apk for your iOS device – iPhone and iPad.

Unlike the android operating system where users have a great deal of control and access to several functionalities, iOS does not. Aside from the Google PlayStore, a typical android device can install apps via any third-party app or site, this now allows Android users to easily run mod apks on their devices without any hassle. On the other side, installing apps on the iPhone iOS is only through the Apple store thereby, cutting every chance of installing mod apks.

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But I will be showing you a trick that you can use to download the hack Hungry Shark Evolution game on iOS. Before providing the tips to install the game, let’s get an overview of the game, and its hack mod features.

App NameHungry Shark Evolution
PlatformiOS, Android
DevelopersFuture Games of London Limited
PublishersFuture Games of London Limited, Ubisoft
MOD PropertiesAll premium features unlocked
Price FREE

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Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is a survival game where the player controls a Shark in a turbulent ocean. The shark is expected to survive as long as possible by feeding on prey like humans surfing on the beach and other fishes. Using the shark, you can freely roam and explore the remote and sunken parts of the ocean – collecting sunken bonus objects. Gems that increase the shark’s health in the game can be picked from any point in the game. The shark’s life slowly depletes while being starved from food, so eat always to stay alive.

A wide range of real-world sharks like the Great White and Megalodon are featured in the game as well as other fictional sharks. As a major prey in the ocean, the shark can feed on little fishes, water turtles, smaller sharks, crabs, and even Crocs.



You are to control the shark by using the on-screen navigations to move the shark around the ocean. The shark will receive a boost in speed when you tap and hold the screen. In the large ocean filled with diverse creatures, you are a predator and also a prey. While you may spend most of the time eating other little creatures, a more powerful shark could bump into you and have you as prey.

Life in the ocean is a survival of the fittest. After earning certain points in the game, or filling the gold bar, a mode called Gold Rush will be triggered which auto turns all creatures in the ocean into gold creatures. Feeding on them now rewards you with gold coins. Unfortunately, the gold rush lasts for a short time. Going to the remote parts of the ocean helps you discover hidden objects and other objects. A certain large crab which when killed rewards you with huge bonuses can also be found in sunken areas.

In the initial phase of the game, everything will be simple and quick, but as you start leveling up the first few objectives, a more difficult task and powerful see creatures will emerge to make the game difficult for you to progress. At this point, you might resort to buying some coins or gems in the game to aid you a bit. But for how long will you continue with that?


That’s where the hack apk becomes a necessity if you want to unlock all premium features of the game.

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Hungry Shark Evolution Hack iOS features

Let’s have a glimpse of the premium mod features you will be enjoying in the hacked hungry shark evolution for iOS

  • Unlimited gold coins
  • Unlimited gems
  • All Sharks unlocked. From – MAKO SHARK to LUMINITE, and ELECTRO SHARK to WERESHARK
  • Infinite boost
  • All customizations like jetpack, skateboard, poison immune, laser, bomb immune, speed boost, etc are all unlocked and available
  • Unlimited everything

Unlimited Gold Coins

This version of the game comes with unlimited gold coins which you can use to buy or unlock several items in the games store. The unlimited coin can be used to buy stronger sharks and other provided pieces of equipment in the game. This now gives you the edge to easily and quickly land your favorite shark in the game all but for free.

Unlimited Gems


Just like the gold coins, gems in Hungry Shark Evolution can be used to purchase sharks and other equipment in the game. Not just for that alone, these gems can be used to buy enough health for your shark when it starves and dies in the game.


The mod feature of the game unlocks all the shark’s in the game for you like Mako shark, Hammerhead shark, Tiger shark, Great White shark, Megalodon, Big Daddy, Mr Snuppy, Electro Shark, Ice shark, Robo shark, etc.

Hungry Shark Evolution Hack iOS Download

Downloading this game to your iOS device could be tricky so pay full attention to the instructions below.

To get started, click on this link. On the next window, click on install by Panda helper. You can then choose to install the game from either the free version or the VIP version. Keep in mind that All users of the free version share a common certificate, it may be easily revoked by Apple. The VIP version provides each user with a separate super certificate, which will be more stable and durable.

After that, you can then proceed with the installation and start enjoying your hack Hungry Shark game.

For android users, you can also download the mod or hack Hungry Shark Evolution game below.

DOWNLOAD Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK for android [121MB]

Is The MOD Hungry Shark Evolution game safe?

The Hungry Shark Evolution MOD apk is 100% safe and secure to install. No malware.

Will I need to Jailbreak before installing the hack iOS Hungry Shark Evolution?

No. Jailbreaking your device is not at all required to install the mod version on your iPhone. All you need is to follow the instructions.


With epic game graphics, intuitive controls, and beautiful aesthetics, coupled with all unlocked premium features, you will certainly enjoy every bit of adventure as you guide your shark for survival. Additionally, I also provided the Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK for android, so android users too can also share in the fun. Your thoughts on this are highly welcomed. Share and don’t forget to join us on Telegram.


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