8 Ball Pool hack iOS

8 Ball Pool Hack iOS Download 2022 – iOS 14 & 15 (No Jailbreak)

Do you love billiards games and want to get the 8 Ball Pool Hack iOS for your iPhone or iPad? I will provide you with the necessary info and method to get the game on your device.


Due to the technicalities required by the 8 Ball Pool to outscore your opponents, it could be a little challenging to defeat your counterparts all the time and that could stall your progress in the game. This is now why some iOS users resort to the hack 8 Ball Pool iOS game to maneuver these difficulties. But for iOS, it could be somewhat trickish to sideload an app into the system.

Unlike the Android OS where users can load apps from any third-party store, iOS devices are restricted on this. This now makes it hard for iPhone users to get hacked or modded games into their devices.

But a trick is here! Am going to cover the full procedures you need to get the 8 Ball Pool hack iOS game on your iOS 15 or 14 devices.


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8 Ball Pool Hack iOS Features

The 8 Ball Pool hack is a modded version where you get all the 8 Ball Pool cheats for iPhone.

App name8 Ball Pool
PlatformiOS, Android
MOD Properties Hint Aim Lines, Anti-Ban
Price FREE

About 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a – Cue sports online mobile game developed and published by for iOS, Android, and Web browsers. The game is one of the best and most downloaded games on the Android and iOS stores. 8 Ball Pool is a multiplayer game where you can play against other players.


In a table containing 15 numbered balls (1-7, 9-15) the first player to pocket his first seven balls and then finally pocket the 8 ball wins the contest. Just like the real world 8 Ball, 8 Ball pool also follows the principles.

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In the PvP (Play 1 on 1) mode, you can set different pool tables and then stake some coins on the contest. The winner of the match takes all the money. The online PvP mode gives you access to an online multiplayer where you will face other online players. As you progress, you will keep on meeting new and more pro Pool players. To enter this mode, you need to sign up for a free account with Miniclip. Sign-up is totally free.


There’s also the tournament mode that allows you to create an 8 player tournament where they all battle against each other for a champion.

Rise to the ranks and become the best 8-Ball Pool player in this addictive and challenging online mobile game. Enough of the long talk, let’s see how you can run the hacked 8-Ball Pool game on your iPhone..

How to install 8 Ball Pool Hack For iOS 15 and 14

This stage is very integral, and strict attention should be adhered to. I will be using two methods to show you how to sideload the 8 Ball Pool mod apk for iOS.


Meanwhile, Android users can also enjoy the hacked features by downloading the 8 Ball Pool MOD APK on their Android device.

Method 1

  • After that, you will need to download a third-party app store known as Tweakboxapp.
  • Now, quickly download the Tweakboxapp app on your iOS device. To get it, use this link –
  • After downloading Tweakboxapp, a new option – Profile Downloaded will appear in your iPhone settings. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to successfully install the Tweakboxapp on your iOS
  • Now, trust the app developer by going to your Settings > General > Profiles
  • Now from your iPhone or iPad Home Screen, open the just installed Tweakboxapp
  • From the Tweakboxapp menu, click on the Apps section. A drop list of options will appear. Tap on Hacked Games
  • You can then search for 8 Ball Pool and click on it to install the game

After the installation of the game is complete, you can now launch the game and enjoy its hacked features to the fullest.

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Method 2

Alternatively, you can install the 8 Ball Pool hack for iOS by:

  • Click on this link
  • On the next window, click on install by Panda helper. You can then choose to install the game from either the free version or the VIP version. Keep in mind that all users of the free version share a common certificate, it may be easily revoked by Apple. The VIP version provides each user with a separate super certificate, which will be more stable and durable.
  • After this, proceed with your installation. After installation, open and enjoy the hack 8 Ball hack game on your iPhone or iPad.

Why the 8 Ball hack may not install on some iOS device

This version of the 8 Ball Pool game is exclusively for the iOS 15 and 14 versions. Later versions do not support this hack and may not run on some devices. So if your iPhone version is running a later version, quickly make an upgrade.

Should I Jailbreak my iOS device to run the game?

No. Jailbreaking is not needed to run the game. I wouldn’t recommend you to Jailbreak your phone. Do that only when it’s imperative for you.

What are the Hacked Features to be enjoyed in the game?

The hacked 8 Ball game offers some premium features that will enhance gameplay like Hint Aim Lines and Anti-Ban. The Hint Aim Lines gives you hints on how to make more accurate hits in the game; giving you the chance to quickly and easily bury each contest.

Also, an Anti-Ban feature is also included in the game which reduces the chances of you being banned from the game.

How much do I need to pay for the Hacked 8 Ball Pool for iOS?

You literally do not need to pay a dime to enjoy the modded 8 Ball Pool game for iOS. Everything’s totally free.


Everything you need to get the 8 Ball Pool hack running on your iOS phone has been comprehensively discussed in this post. If you still have any setbacks trying to load the game on your phone, quickly drop a comment below.


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