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2022 YouTube Vanced iOS Download For iPhone iOS 15 and 14

Fervently searching for the YouTube Vanced iOS apk for iPhone or iPad device? This post will provide you with all you need to know about the app and a direct download procedure you can use to get the app underway on your iOS phone.

Have you tried watching a video on YouTube only to bump into a hell of intrusive ads? How was your experience with it? I guess it was one you disliked, and would always try to evade on your next visit. I too also suffered from these annoying adverts. Some of the adverts could play as long as 10 seconds – not giving you an option to cancel the ad until it completes. It does not stop there, as you watch the video, you will get other advertisements. Some YouTubers will even go as far as adding 7 or more ads to a 10-minute video.

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This in itself brings about a very poor user experience for YouTube users. To avert the poor user experience from these ads, YouTube added a premium plan where you pay to remove these ads. The YouTube Premium cost around $11.99 per month, the Family Premium plan cost around $17.99 per month and you can add up to 5 people to the plan, while the student premium plan cost around $6.99 per month for students only.

While these numbers are not that high, some individuals may not be able to afford them due to income differences. This now resulted in the advent of the YouTube Vanced iOS app where you can watch or stream all YouTube videos for free without any form of ads, or restrictions.

Let’s put the long talk to a halt and move straight to the YouTube Vanced for iOS and how you can get it on your iPhone device. But before that, all Android users should check out the YouTube Vanced app for Android.

What is YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a clone YouTube app built in with lots of tweaks. The app is basically a substitute for the official YouTube app. All premium YouTube features are totally free on the Vanced iOS app. Let’s take a look at these pleasing features.

Features of YouTube Vanced iOS

These features are what make Vanced iOS an outstanding app and would still be a ready alternative to the main YouTube apk. Below are the cool features.

Block All Ads

This is obviously the major reason why YouTube Vanced for iOS is a success. Without the Premium plan, you will continue to receive as many ads as possible when you view videos on YouTube. Vanced has now jettisoned that inconvenience – introducing an advert-free YouTube. When you begin using the application, you will find that these intrusive ads are all gone as if by magic. This alone is just the only praiseworthy functionality of the application.

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Direct Download Of Videos To Phone

Another remarkable feature of YouTube Vanced for iOS is that it gives you access to get or download any video on YouTube right to your phone storage. While YouTube lets you download videos, it doesn’t let you save them to your file directory. But with Vanced, you can save any YouTube video you want free of charge on your phone.

Disable Age Restrictions

YouTube generally restricts certain videos that they consider inappropriate for some viewers. When this happens, they place age restrictions on these videos which becomes inacccessible for those below 18. But YouTube Vanced is bundled with a circumvention feature that disables age-limited content for certain age groups.

Dark Theme

Even though the official YouTube app supports a dark theme, the Vanced iOS app also features a dark theme where you can turn on dark mode during the dark – thereby saving energy consumption on your iPhone and also help in reducing eye strain.

Swipe Control

Most of you who use mobile media players like VLC or MX player should be conversant with this feature. Just like these players, YouTube vanced iOS allows you to increase the volume and brightness of the video you are watching by swiping on the corresponding areas of your screen to effect the gesture.

Generally, swiping up and down from the right side of your screen increases and reduces the volume of the video, while doing the same on the left increases and reduces the brightness of the video.

Background Playback

Vance lets you play YouTube videos in the background whilst the video is still on. Although the – Background Play is also supported by YouTube.

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Auto repeat videos, forward/rewind controls, etc are also part of the other scintillating specs of the Vanced YouTube for iOS.

Is YouTube Vanced on iOS?

Yes. The YouTube Vanced is available for iOS and can be gotten to your iPhone device operating iOS 14 or 15.

Is YouTube Vanced Safe to install on iOS?

Yes. You can get the YouTube Vanced app on your iOS device as it is safe to install.

Do I need to Jailbreak my iOS device in order to download YouTube Vanced iOS?

Clearly speaking, you dint. Jailbreaking your iOS device is not at all necessary or set as a condition prior to downloading YouTube Vanced iOS application on your iPhone or iPad.

How to download YouTube Vanced on iOS

Unfortunately, YouTube Vanced ain’t available for iOS devices except for Android phones.

But wait! There is a ready-made alternative to Vanced YouTube that has nearly all the features owned by the YouTube iOS apk. The app is called YouTube++. Let’s quickly move on to how you can get the app running on your phone.

How to download and install YouTube++ on on iOS

To successfully run the YouTube++ on iOS, carefully follow the below instructions.

  • To begin, delete or uninstall the official YouTube app on your iOS device
  • You need a sideloading app for this task, so quickly download AltStore from here.
  • Since the AltStore app isn’t on the Apple store, download the app via Windows PC or your Mac device. Now check this guide about how to install AltStore on iPhones & iPad.
  • When done installing the AltStore app on your iPhone, launch your Safari browser and download the YouTube++ IPA file to your device. You can get the YouTube++ IPA file here.
  • After downloading the IPA file, open AltStore on your iPhone and move to the My App tab at the bottom of the app.
  • You will see aat the top left corner. Tap on it to add a new app. A list of all the IPA files you have downloaded on your iPhone will be displayed. Now tap on the YouTube++ IPA file that you recently downloaded.
  • AltStore will start installing the YouTube++ app for you. Kindly wait for some time as it could take some minutes to completely install.
  • After the installation process is complete, YouTube++ will appear show on the My Apps tab where you can now launch it from the Home Screen. If you get error messages like AltStore server couldn’t be found, connect your iPhone to the computer via a cable and install YouTube++ again.

Once everything is set, you can now watch and enjoy all your favorite YouTube videos for free with the YouTube++ on your iOS device.

Features of The YouTube++

  • Zero ads
  • Background playback
  • Change playback speed
  • Auto repeat videos
  • Forward/Rewind controls
  • Disable age restrictions
  • Download videos to your device
  • Choose default tab
  • Auto replay videos
  • Set the default playback quality for videos

Final words

After carefully following the post, you should be able to install the YouTube++ app on your iPhone or iPad. However, if you’re still having difficulty getting the YouTube++ app on your iOS, kindly drop a comment and expect a response from us in less than no time.

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