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Current Site- Watch & Download Movies, TV Series, Cartoons In HD For Free is a new online streaming site where you can now watch all your favorite movies, TV series, cartoons, animes and also download these movies as well. For some people watching movies is one of their favorite hobbies, they can even spend the entire day watching movies without thinking much about any other thing.

You may begin to wonder if we have such people on earth- yes I have such people at home who are entirely obsessed with movies and lose themselves in movies. Although before now, I too loved watching movies but the passion drastically reduced over time as I began to find passion in sports- football.

But sometimes watching movies could be soothing to the soul and could relieve some worries. Certain movies tend to portray important lessons which is why some people watch movies frequently particularly when they have free periods, during breaks or when they are bored. So for those of you who enjoy watching movies any time anyway, you will really benefit a great deal from today’s post.

Just like the popular Fzmovies, Goojara offers its videos in high-quality resolutions so you do not need to worry about low or poor quality video formats.

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This article will well explain everything about the new or current Goojara site, how it works, goojara movies and series, and how to download and watch movies on the site.

Overview of the current site

Prior to this time, Goojara’s site name was known as, however, due to reasons best known to the site owners, the domain or site name was seemingly changed to The new domain extension for Goojara is now “to“. So in this post, I might use any extension interchangeably.

Just as stated above, Goojara is a free website where you can watch and download any movies, series, anime, etc for free. Goojara is only one of a few sites out there where you are allowed to watch movies for free. The big guns in the streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, Youtube TV, etc typically charge every month or yearly a subscription fee to watch any of its licensed videos. The amount these guys charge is usually not pocket-friendly for some people and that’s why some do not use them.

But here comes Goojara with its free service that will give you the liberty of streaming any of your desired movies, latest films, cartoons, series, etc without paying a dime.

Also, movies on the site come with a very high definition (HD) quality. At this, you don’t have to worry about shitty quality video. To round it all up, you can also download any movie of your choice from the website and then watch it at your convenience or leisure time. You wouldn’t expect less from this all-in-one site!

Some worth knowing features about the Goojara site

I believe from the above explanation, you now have a little idea about the site and what it offers. Let’s now check out or have a glimpse about some basic features of the site.

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  • Easy to navigate and good User Interface

One of the main things that tell how good a site is, is the easy navigation and clear UI. The Goojara website is one where you will find such. The site is very simple to surf around and you can easily pick out and watch any movie of your choice.

  • Availability of a Search Bar

The presence of a search bar makes it easy for the site users to quickly search for their preferred movie series and quickly find them on the site. Also, while making your search, the site will bring up suggestions of similar queries that are relevant to your search. Now when you find what you are searching for, click on it to proceed.

  • Movies properly categorized

Another outstanding feature you will find in is that movies and series are well categorized. Unlike other sites where the movies are placed anyhow and not well categorized, Goojara makes sure that you quickly get any movie or film that you want by simply arranging and grouping its contents into well-defined categories.

  • Availability of old and current movies

This is one of the most important things why I love Virtually all types of movies can be found on the site. Any new movie in the market is quickly updated and made available on the site for users. Also, old movies can still be gotten from the site as well.

  • None intrusive ads

One of the things that usually cause a poor user experience on sites is the presence of too many pop up and intrusive ads. People tend to dislike sites that scatter adverts all over their sites. Although Goojara uses ads in its site, you won’t find it to be intrusive as the ads are moderately placed.

How to watch movies, series, cartoons on

I think this aspect is where most of you were hopefully waiting for. Streaming or watching movies is very simple and fast with This is because the site is very simple to access.

To watch movies on the site simply;

  • Visit with your browser. Any browser can be used to access the site but I recommend the use of either Chrome, Firefox, or UC browser. This is because these browsers have powerful and outstanding functionalities.
  • After arriving at the site, navigate around and the site. Since the sites updates new movies regularly you can easily find your desired movies right on the homepage. However, if you cannot find the movie you want on the menu, use the search bar that is situated above.
  • Now type in the name of the movie, series, or anime that you want. Suggestions for your query will show up. When you see your desired movie, click on it
  • A preview thumbnail for the video will emanate
  • Now tap on the blue play icon or button to watch the video
  • If after tapping on the play button and it redirects you, simply cancel the redirected page and the video will start playing
  • Depending on your choice you can now switch the video orientation from portrait mode to landscape mode by tapping on the orientation button on the interface

That is all you need to know on how to watch movies on Goojara so carefully follow the above to achieve your objective.

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To Download movies on

  • Visit the Goojara site using your android phone, tablet, or PC with a Chrome, Firefox, or UC browser
  • Request for any video that you want to download by making use of the search bar above
  • When you see the movie you want to download, click on it
  • Now tap on the play button. After that, you will see DOWNLOAD in the interface.
  • Now click on the download button and your video will automatically start downloading
  • Alternatively, if you are using the chrome browser to access the site, you can also use an alternate means to download movies on the site by tapping on the three-dotted vertically button on the interface. The button has “Download & Playback speed”. Now tap on download for your video to start downloading instantly.
  • Also, if you are using the UC browser the download process is very simple. To do that with the UC browser simply open your desired video and tap the play button. You will see a download bottom provided by the browser for quick downloads. Tap on it to download the video.

What to take note

  • To download a video on the site you need to tap on the play button first in order to bring up the download button. Although that is dependent on the browser that you are using to access the site
  • Sometimes you might experience redirects when you tap on the play button of any video. When this occurs, simply cancel the new page or window and then your video will start playing
  • Just like Fzmovies, also serve third-party ads on its site that you might see while accessing the site. Although adverts on the site aren’t intrusive. They are well placed and not littered around on the site.
  • The site is very fast in loading and downloading of videos although that is subject to how strong your internet or network connection is
  • Finally, remember that Goojara’s extension has been changed. The current Goojara now has “to” as its extension

Bottom line

You will never find many sites as better as Starting from the free services that it offers, easy-to-use navigation, updated movies, how to watch movies, series, cartoons, and how to download them. All you need to get started with the site has been extensively discussed,

What are you waiting for? Visit Goojara now to watch the latest movies, latest episodes of TV shows, cartoons etc

But then, despite all the explanations above some people might still have problems while trying to make the most out of the site. As a publisher, I understand these differences amongst individuals. So if you have any issue that is limiting you from either watching or downloading movies on the site, simply drop your comments below and I will respond ASAP!


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