Airtel 1.5GB for 300 naira

How to Subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB for 300 Naira Data Plan


If you do follow our blog Nexkinproblog regularly, then cheap internet browsing should never be far from you. Guess what? Today’s update will show you how you can get the airtel 1.5GB for 300 naira only.


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It was never a joke when Airtel said that “Data is life” I too have confirmed it for myself. We all know how important it is to have active data on our Sim cards, most especially to stay informed on daily happenings on social media, and the internet.

But then, high data bundle prices tied with small data volume from telco operators usually limits us from fully going online to catch up with day-to-day activities.


Because of the high data prices, most people who use Facebook do chat using the Free mode where they won’t be able to preview photos and videos on Facebook. Not only on facebook but other platforms.

Now, in order for some of us to get to know how one can get cheap data bundles on airtel, I decided to bring the Airtel 1.5GB data plan to your notice.

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The 1.5GB data for 300 by airtel is seemingly one of the best data bundles airtel has made available in recent times.

Another interesting thing about the 1.5GB data bundle is that the data can be used across all online platforms be it on social media, streaming videos on YouTube, downloading videos online, etc.

To round it all up, the data bundle has a reasonable validity period of 7 days. That is to say, the data is a weekly bundle.


The slight downside there is that, the bundle is an offer. Meaning that not all Airtel customers are eligible for the data plan. This might sound bad to you but don’t worry the offer works for most airtel subscribers.

I know by now, you must be tired of reading and now eager to see how to subscribe to the airtel 1.5GB for 300. So without explaining much, let’s swing to the central purpose of this post.

To Subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB for 300 naira

To activate the Airtel 1.5GB for 300 naira:

  • You need at least 300 naira airtime on your airtel sim card
  • After this, simply dial *141*2425# on your phone
  • All things being equal, you will immediately get a successful notification on confirmed subscription to the data bundle
  • NB: The 1.5gb is valid for 7days (1 week)

If your request wasn’t successful then it means you are not eligible. You can try it out using a different airtel sim card.

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How to check your Airtel 1.5GB data balance

To check the data balance of your airtel 300 naira 1.5GB data bundle, dial *140#.


Not just for the bundle alone, the *140# is a general airtel code airtel customers can use to check their data balance.

Can I accumulate the Airtel 1.5GB data?

Yes of course! The 1.5GB data can be accumulated as much as possible, no fair usage policy applies or whatsoever.

Can I use the 1.5GB on airtel to download large files?

Yes. You can use the 1.5GB to download large files as many as you can, and also use it to browse across all platforms.

Note that, the 1.5GB data can only download large files below 1.5GB except you decide to accumulate the data.

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