Ha tunnel plus MTN config files

Ha Tunnel Plus MTN Config File Download 2022 (Working files)

The MTN free browsing cheats via the HA Tunnel VPN has been trending for some time now. Although some of these cheats quickly get blocked when they appear online.

Notwithstanding, there are a few cheats that are still available and accessible. So I will be dropping the HA Tunnel plus MTN config files that are still working in this post.

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Before now, most of us who usually visit our blog nexkinproblog benefitted from the MTN daily e-learning 500MB cheat. But as things may have it, the cheat was subsequently blocked.

But then, in order not for me to leave you guys empty without any free browsing cheat, I now created a working 100MB HA tunnel plus MTN hat file. Although the 500MB that was blocked is way better than the active 100MB when appraised, at least the 100MB can help you respond to chat messages on social media and help you solve little things online.

The Ha Tunnel plus MTN 100MB cheat is gotten from two sources; one is from the daily 50MB that is gifted by opera mini and the other from the daily 50MB from NCDC.

Ordinarily, the free data from these two sources (Opera Mini & NCDC) can’t be used to access some social media, browse, download, etc.

But with the aid of the Ha tunnel plus VPN, you can now use the free 100MB data to power all apps and then browse on your favourite platform.

Though the 100MB appears small for guys who download large files online, it could still help those who usually do not have data to browse at all. Check out the ha tunnel mtn files below.

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What’s needed from you

  • An MTN SIM card
  • An android device
  • A good network coverage. 3G & 4G networks required
  • Ha Tunnel Plus VPN. Download HA Tunnel here
  • HA Tunnel plus MTN config file. Check them below

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Ha Tunnel MTN config file download

Kindly note that the Ha tunnel 500MB config file cheat has been blocked! Alongside the Ha tunnel unlimited cheat. When these cheats are back, I will update you on that, so for now the only working cheats on HA tunnel for MTN is the 100MB cheat.

The HA tunnel mtn files download link is working. No broken link or whatsoever.

Download HA Tunnel MTN hat files here [100MB]

How to import the HA Tunnel MTN config File

To import the 100MB file that you downloaded above;

  • Simply open the HA Tunnel plus VPN
  • Now click on the three vertical dot buttons at the top right panel of the VPN
  • Click on Import/Export, and then tap Import Config
  • Grant the VPN access to your storage
  • Locate your Download folder or any directory where your downloaded files are stored by your browser.
  • On locating the MTN hat file or config file, tap on it to quickly import the file
  • Finally, hit the START button on the menu and await the ha tunnel VPN to connect

When it connects, minimize and start browsing with the MTN 100MB hat file.

To also appease the airtel users, I also created a tunnel plus airtel config files.

Ha Tunnel Plus Airtel config files

For the Airtel users, also note that the airtel 500MB ha tunnel file has been blocked with the Ha tunnel Airtel unlimited.

The only working airtel cheats on the ha tunnel VPN is the airtel 100MB cheat where the config file is split into two files- 50-50MB each file, now summing it 100MB.

The method used above to import the MTN 100MB HAT file is the same as the airtel file. After exhausting, the first 50MB airtel config, import the second one and enjoy.

Note that

  • The free data doesn’t accumulate. That means, if not used, it does not rollover to the next day
  • Certain issues like poor network coverage could cause the VPN not to connect
  • Also, if you experience connection problems while trying to connect the VPN, simply restart the VPN, turn on/off airplane mode, and clear the VPN cache file and then try reconnecting the VPN

Bottom line

The ha tunnel plus MTN config file uploaded above is confirmed to be working alongside the Airtel’s. If you have issues trying to download any file, simply drop your comments below.

Enjoy your HA tunnel config file cheat!

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