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Glo WTF Social Bundle Cheat Via Thunder VPN – 500MB For 100

In one of our previous posts, we made a guide on how to activate the Glo WTF social bundle cheat via Psiphon Pro VPN. The limitation in using the Psiphon Pro VPN was that your data speed will be capped at 2 MB/s, save you go for the premium version of the VPN.

But this time around, we will be updating you guys on another method/VPN that you can use to enjoy the Glo WTF social bundle cheat with a higher internet speed.

The WTF social bundle plan was introduced by Glo months ago, where Globacom subscribers can get a whopping 500MB data for just N100.

The plan is only usable on social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. That is why it is abbreviated as (WTF)

But with the settings that I will be using here, you will be able to use the data to power all apps. (Browse, download, stream videos online, etc.)

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Without explaining much, let’s head over to the main business.


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How To Subscribe To Glo WTF Social Bundle Plans

To subscribe to the Glo WTF social bundle plans, Dial the USSD code *777# on your phone, select Data > Social bundle > WTF bundle, and select your preferred plan.

N25100MB1 Day
N50200MB7 Days
N100500MB30 Days

From the table above, you can now select the plan that you will be going for based on your budget.

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How To Activate The Glo WTF Social Bundle Cheat Thunder VPN To Power All Apps

Quickly subscribe to your preferred WTF social bundle plan, and download the Thunder VPN.

Accept the terms and conditions/privacy policy of the VPN.

After accepting the terms of service, click on the connect button, and wait a few seconds for the VPN to connect.

Once the VPN connects, the button will change from connect to connected, so you can now start browsing seamlessly with your Glo WTF 500MB for just 100 or associate bundle.

Unlike some other VPNs where you need an active data connection to load the tweaks, the thunder VPN doesn’t require all of that.

All it requires to connect is just for you to subscribe to any Glo wtf social bundle plans and you are up and running.

NB: You can accumulate the Glo WTF data by subscribing or buying the bundle data as many times as possible.

You can as well switch or change your browsing location to any country of your choice that is provided by the Thunder VPN.

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