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Airtel Cheapest Data Plan; Get 5GB For 1000, 250MB For 50, And 75MB For 20

Airtel Nigeria is back once again with the best cheapest data plan. With the Airtel cheapest data plan, Airtel subscribers can now enjoy 5GB for 100, 250MB for 50, 75MB for 20, etc.

So for those of us who browse a lot, this post is essentially for you as you find it very useful and informative.

The Airtel cheap data plan is an offer gifted to random Airtel subscribers, irrespective of your activity with your SIM.

Someone who hardly recharges could be eligible, while the one that frequently recharges could be ineligible and vice versa.

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One should now see that the Airtel cheap data bundle is SIM selective as not all Airtel customers are eligible for the plan or offer.

Meanwhile you can check out the Airtel social bundle cheat for all Airtel customers.

With the above being said, you should now know all factors surrounding the Airtel cheap data bundle.

What You Need Inorder to Activate The Airtel Cheapest Data Plan

  • A registered and valid Airtel SIM card
  • A mobile phone or smartphone. (Smartphone Recommended)
  • Credit or Airtime balance of N1000, N300, N50, or N20, all for the respective data plans.
  • A good network coverage

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List Of Airtel Cheapest Data Plan 2021

Before seeing how to activate the cheap data bundle on Airtel, quickly check out the list of Airtel’s cheapest data plans in Nigeria.

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75MBN207 Days
250MBN5014 Days
1.5GBN3007 Days
5GBN100014 Days
Table showing the various list of the Airtel cheapest data plans, price and validity

How To Activate The Airtel Cheap Data Bundle

To simply activate the data plan from Airtel, simply dial the USSD code *141*242# on your phone. There and then, the various data plans will pop up, and you can now make your choice

Who Is Eligible For The Airtel Data Offer

Just as cited above, the airtel data offer plan is granted to random airtel customers. You might be eligible or not. Recharging always doesn’t stand you a chance of being gifted with the cheap bundle plan.

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All you need to do is just dial the code above and confirm if you’re eligible for the cheap data bundle. If you get a positive response, proceed and enjoy the offer.

Enjoy and share.

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