Lock your Airtime from unauthorised use

How To Lock Your Airtime On MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9Mobile

Is your airtime at risk of being used by your friends, siblings, or unknown persons? This post is all you need to circumvent people from tampering with your airtime, as you will find a way to lock your airtime from being used without your authorisation.

We all have these sets of people either from the family or close friends who good are at using people’s airtime without permission. Some could even go as far as transferring the airtime from your phone. As sad as it could be, this affected airtime must have been put on a very important budget, but unfortunately, your plans has been blocked from fruition.

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But then, a ready solution is available for that! With the input of the secret code that I will be showing you, you will automatically lock your airtime. The method works for all networks in Nigeria, MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile.

Interestingly, this function can be achieved without using any software or application. All you need is the code and you will keep them at bay.

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What’s the code to lock your airtime?

Below is a quick short code you can use to lock your airtime on all networks from unauthorised use.

  • To lock your airtime; Dial this code, *33*0000# using the number you intend to lock the airtime
  • To unlock your airtime; Quickly dial, #330*0000# using the affected SIM and your airtime will be unlocked again for usage

Note that, since this code might be somewhat difficult for some people to memorise, I would recommend you to bookmark this page incase you forget any or either of the codes!

Can I use the code for any network?

Yes. The code is not network specific, and so can be used on any network in Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile).

Who can use the code?

Anyone is eligible to use the code. This isn’t a network offer from telcos. With your SIM working and inserted into your phone, just dial the code and you are good to go.

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Can I lock my SIM even without Airtime in it?

Well, I wouldn’t say no to that. But then, it’s best to lock your airtime when you have airtime in it. Locking when there is no airtime is somewhat meaningless.


With the above code, you can now breathe a sigh of relief as your airtime now will be free from unauthorised use. Kindly share this with friends and don’t forget to join us on telegram to get the latest updates from us.


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