How to stop browsing from airtime balance

    Most people today are faced with the issue of their airtime being deducted from their account balance when browsing. Most times, the affected airtime must have been budgeted for another purpose.

    Although, the essence of this service called Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) was to enable subscribers who do not have sufficient airtime to purchase a data bundle, browse as they go with a little fee per megabyte used.

    This means that once the PAYG service is activated on your line, you will be charged at a fee of N3 per MB except for 9Mobile where you pay N15/5mins of browsing.

    The PAYG service in the short run is good, but when looking at it in the long run, you would notice that you’re on the losing side.

    How To Stop Browsing From Your Airtime Balance

    This service is available on all networks in Nigeria. So in this post, I will be showing you the various methods on how to deactivate or stop browsing from your airtime balance on Airtel, MTN, 9Mobile and Glo.

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    How To Stop Airtel PAYU

    To successfully deactivate the Airtel PAYU service on your Airtel line, quickly dial the USSD code on your phone, *400*1#.

    After that, you will receive a notification saying ” You have been opted out from Airtel FREE SURF offer“.

    Alternatively, you can cancel the PAYU service whenever you want to purchase any data bundle, you will receive a message asking you what should happen when your bundle finishes;

    Disregard the first option which says “Continue browsing from airtime / 160MB Extra and select the second option which says “Stop my data” by doing that, when your data bundle finishes, your airtime won’t be used for browsing.

    How To Stop MTN PAYG

    To stop mtn from using your airtime for data browsing, or to opt out of PAYG browsing on the MTN network, simply dial the USSD code on your phone *131*201#.

    After dialling the code, you will receive a notification of a successful deactivation of the PAYG service.

    Alternatively, you can deactivate the service through SMS by Sending SUSPEND to 131.

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    How To Stop 9mobile PAYG

    The 9Mobile PAYG service allows users to browse at N15/5mins. Meaning you are charged 15 naira every 5 minutes of browsing.

    To quickly stop the Pay as you go (PAYG) on 9mobile, dial *229*0#. After successful deactivation, you will no longer be browsing from your airtime balance.

    How To Stop Glo PAYU

    To stop the Glo PAYU service, simply send CANCEL to 127 via text message. Hence, your airtime won’t be touched when browsing.

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