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Stark VPN Free Daily 500MB Cheat On Airtel


Introducing the new and latest Stark VPN free daily 500MB cheat on Airtel.

Airtel users can now explore the net for free with a free data cap of 500MB. The Stark VPN 500MB cheat works with all Airtel users, both new and old customers.

The data can be used to surf through all social media platforms, download, and even stream movies.

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Just as mentioned above, the data is not unlimited as the Airtel user is entitled to a limit of 500MB.


Without explaining much, let’s move on to how we can activate the data.

How To Activate The Stark VPN 500MB Cheat On Airtel

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To get the business running, quickly download the Stark VPN. Immediately after downloading the Stark VPN, quickly launch the app and do the following;

After launching it, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner (option button). Tap on Update Tweaks.

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After updating the Tweaks, move back and tap on the Tweaks button. Then select NG – Airtel 500MB DAILY.

Finally hit the big red power button and wait for it to connect in a jiffy. When it successfully connects, the big red power button will turn green. On confirmed connection, minimize and enjoy your Stark VPN free daily 500MB.

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