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How To Browse Any Site With The Opera Mini Free 50MB On Airtel

How to browse any site with the free Opera Mini 50MB daily

Airtel users can now use the Opera Mini free 50MB that is gifted to them, to browse any site of their choice or even chat on social media

All Airtel customers are given free 50MB every day from Opera Mini to surf through Opera Mini applications. The downside of the data is that the 50MB is only usable on the Opera Mini browser and their News app.

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But guess what, with this method that I will be introducing to you now, you will be able to bypass that barrier and use your free 50MB to surf through any of your favourite online platforms.

Although the data volume is very small as compared to what most android users do consume per day. But at least, it can help to tidy little things when you don’t have data.

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Requirements in order to browse any site with the Opera Mini free 50MB on Airtel

  • An Airtel SIM card
  • A good 3G/4G network
  • Samsung Max VPN (Download here)

How To Power The Opera Mini Free 50MB To Browse On Any Site

This technique will show how to power all apps with opera mini 50MB and then help you browse on any site.

Quickly download the Samsung Max VPN using the download link above. After a successful download, launch the VPN and configure it as follows;

After launching it, agree to the terms and conditions, hit start on the next page, and then proceed.

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Upgrade your plan to premium. Do that by clicking Upgrade.

After that, move to the homepage and toggle on Mobile data saving mode, and Privacy protection. After doing this, it will connect immediately within seconds and you can now use the 50MB to browse.

When you exhaust the data, you will be notified that you have finished your free 50MB for the day. Continue like that every day to enjoy the data.

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  • Make sure you download the Samsung Max VPN using the provided link above.
  • Do not download it on Play-store, nor update it on the Google Play store, as it won’t let you browse your favorite sites with the data.

Can I Use The Opera Mini Free 50MB For WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc?

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Yes. With the settings used above, you can actually use the Opera Mini Free 50MB to chat on your favourite social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.

Can I Use The Free Opera Mini Data To Download Large Files?

Do you call 50MB large? The short answer is no. You cannot use the Opera Mini free daily 50MB to download large files as you’re only allocated a little data volume of 50MB, but you can the method to download files under the size of 50MB.

Looking at that data volume, you can’t even chat with it for long when it gets exhausted.

How Can I Accumulate Or Bypass The Opera Mini Free 50MB

You can’t accumulate or bypass the Opera Mini daily limit of 50MB with a single SIM. However, you can enjoy more than 50MB with the aid of multiple SIMs.

If you have more than one Airtel SIM, you can then exchange or swap SIMs once you exhaust the 50MB for a particular SIM and use the other SIM.

Enjoy and please share with friends.


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