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Airtel ‘My Area Data’ Plan – Get 20GB For 3000 & 40GB For 5000 [2023]

Airtel has recently and silently introduced a new data plan known as the Airtel My Area Data plan which allows Airtel subscribers to get a huge data bundle for a slightly low price. The data plan comes in many variants – 20GB for N3000 and 40GB for N5000 all valid for 30 days. There’s also another bundle plan that gives 400MB for N200.

From the look of things, if one is to appraise this new data plan with other Airtel plans, you will discover that this plan is the best and has no competition currently. For those of you who need active data for your day-to-day activities or heavy downloaders, this plan will be most ideal for you. Interestingly, this bundle is available for all Airtel users: No new or old customer story.

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Without taking much of your time, let’s quickly rush down to how you can activate or subscribe to the Airtel My Area data plan, and all you need to know about it.

What’s needed to activate the Airtel my Area Data

  • An Airtel SIM (Whether old or new)
  • An Airtime balance of N3000 or N5000 to get any of the plans
  • A good network coverage

How to activate Airtel My Area Data plan

Activating this data is very simple. As I stated above, make sure you have sufficient airtime in your line so you can subscribe to your preferred bundle.

To begin, dial *141# on your device. Options will be displayed. Now select My Area Data.

There you will find the plans. Choose anyone that you want and enjoy.

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What is the validity period of the Airtel My Area data?

For some of you wondering how long the data bundle is valid, My Area bundle data are valid for 30 days, whether it’s the one of N3000 for 20GB or N5000 for 40GB. With the validity all set for 30 days, you have no need to worry about quick expiry. Meanwhile, other plans like 400MB for N200 is valid for 3 days

Which Airtel customer is eligible for this plan?

All Airtel customers are eligible for this data bundle. Whether it’s a new SIM or not, you can as well enjoy this mouthwatering bundle.

Is the my Area Data an offer?

The short answer is no. Airtel my Area data is not an offer and so is available to all new and old Airtel customers. However, some users have complained of not seeing the data after dialling the code. Despite this, most customers are eligible to activate the data.

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Will the Airtel Data be splitted into YouTube night, Twitter, TikTok, etc.?

While some Airtel data plans are known to be splitted or divided between multiple platforms or times like YouTube night, Tiktok, Twitter, etc., My area ain’t like that. You can use the data anytime, any day within its validity period on any platform of your choice. Your data is in no way shared or divided into certain areas.


For now, that’s all I can say now regarding the Airtel my Area data plan. By now you should have a glimpse of the data and how to activate it. Notwithstanding, if you still have any issue in regards to the data, do well to drop a comment below for a quick fix. Enjoy!

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