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Papa’s Burgeria Unblocked [No Flash] – Play Online Here!

Papa's Burgeria

Papa’s Burgeria is another title in the popular Papa Louie game series. Unlike the other game (Papa’s Freezeria), where you take orders from customers to make delicious cakes, in Papa’s Burgeria you will be making burgers for customers, and also make them happy with the burgers you make. You will get your orders from the customers on a small ticket and must make the burger according to the order on the ticket. You will be scored low and even earn little to no bucks if you make unpleasant burgers for your customers.

Lately, Papa’s Burgeria was unavailable but is back now! You can play it on your web browser with your PC, tablet, mobile or Chromebook for free. The game has also been unblocked for you, so you can play it anywhere, and anytime.

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Play Papa’s Burgeria unblocked game now!

All you need to play Papa’s Burgeria is an internet connection and a web browser. Play the game below for free!

How to play

In the initial phase of the game, you will have to follow the onscreen instruction to understand the basics of the game. To start your career, choose any free slots and enter the name of the account. You can choose from the two characters provided in the game. (Marty and Rita). Papa Louie comes as a bonus character. You can now start taking orders from the Order station. You will also find the Grill station where you cook and flip burger patties. Lastly, there is the Build station for stacking burgers and toppings.

Its now time to start taking orders. Your character will automatically copy down the orders into a ticket. Thereafter, you can start preparing the burger for the customer. Mix all needed ingredients like tomatoes, onions, sauces, etc., into the burger and make your customers satisfied. Also, when preparing the burgers, make sure you time your activities with the mixers to avoid ruining the order.

As you progress, you will tend to receive more ambiguous orders from clients, while also serving a large number of customers simultaneously. Papa is always keeping a record of how satisfied the customers are, so try to make them happy always so your ranking will increase too.

Have fun and enjoy your time playing this game.


Use the left mouse button to interact with the game.

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