Backflip Maniac unblocked

Backflip Maniac Unblocked Game For School [911] – Play Now!

Backflip Maniac is a tantalising 3D online game where players are to show off their best backflipping skills with their character. The initial levels of the game are pretty much easy to play largely because you’re to perform parkours from low buildings and platforms. Meanwhile, as you progress, you will experience the increasing difficulty of the game.

Players are expected to complete each level’s objective before they can unlock and enter new levels. The gameplay and graphics of this game is great. So did your school block this great parkour game? Play Backflip Maniac unblocked now for free without limitations. No downloading needed.

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Where to play Backflip Maniac unblocked game

All you need is a good internet and you’re set to enjoy this game. The version provided here is unblocked so don’t worry about silly blockers. Play now!

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To complete a level, you must land on the red square when jumping. You can jump forwards and backwards. Backflip Maniac comes with 30 great levels. Even though the game is a little bit hard, try your best and see how many levels you can complete in the game.

Enjoy and have fun!

Use your mouse to control your character.

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