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Bad Ice Cream Unblocked For School [No Flash] – Play Now!

Bad Ice Cream is a popular and free-to-play puzzle game where you play as an ice cream. You’re to control your ice cream and must collect other fruits in the maze while protecting yourself against the bad guys surrounding you. Rally your way through the challenging levels and see if you can get all the fruits along your way without being hammered by the enemies.

If you’re currently free from activities at school or work, you can play Bad Ice Cream unblocked game now for free with your computer. Note that this game doesn’t work on the mobile web.

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Where to play Bad Ice Cream unblocked game

Use the button below to play. Note that you need a stable internet connection to enjoy this game to the max. No download needed! No plugin installation required. Play now for free.

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In this action game, you can shoot ice walls to trap your enemies from reaching you while you try to hide. With about 40 levels to play, you will enjoy the entire time playing this game. Don’t forget that as you advance in the game, the levels become more difficult with strong enemies.

Enjoy amd have fun!


Player 1

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Spacebar – shoot

Player 2

  • WASD to move
  • F to shoot

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