Bob the Robber unblocked game

Bob The Robber Unblocked Game [WTF] – Play Online at School

Bob The Robber is an amazing web browser HTML5 game in which players are to execute enormous heists in different locations of the game. To make a successful robbery, you must be very careful and disguise yourself properly to evade the vigilant security guards and cameras. You must collect the hidden treasures without triggering the alarm. You will land yourself in trouble if you are spotted by the cameras.

Each mission in the game comes with a different and more difficult challenge. Bob the Robber unblocked game can be played at school, or the workplace whenever you’re Idle for free. It works seamlessly on PCs but currently does not work on the mobile web. Since it’s an HTML5 game, you don’t need to download or install any plugin before playing the game.

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Where to play Bob the Robber unblocked game

You can now play Bob the Robber unlocked game now for free! All you need is a good web browser and a working internet connection and you’re set to go.

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Apart from sneaking away from the guards, you can also strike to get past them. However, this must be done at the right time else you fail your mission. You can also disarm laser sensors to avoid being detected. Rob various locations from houses to labs. Share your loot from the rich with the needy.

You can purchase upgrades in the game to help you in your illegal mission. Put your stealth and maneuvering skills to a test by playing this fun platform game. Enjoy and have!

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