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Getaway Shootout Game [Unblocked] WTF – Play Online For Free

Getaway Shootout Game Unblocked

Discover the most bizarre competition in this insane racing game. Unlike a typical racing game where you’re expected to run without hurting anyone, Getaway Shootout game does the opposite. In your quest to jump over to the finish line, you will face stiff attacks from other opponents who are looking to leapfrog you to the price.

Opponents are equipped with rifles, grenades, and other weapons. You as well aren’t left out on this. You can also inflict foil their target by shooting them in order to reach the finish line before they do. Power-ups and weapons are collectible along the way in the game.

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Getaway Shootout supports both single-player and two-player modes. If you don’t want to play with the CPU, you can also host and play the games with your friend. This game is free to play online at home, or even at school or work.

Where to play Getaway Shootout Game [Unblocked]

To play this game without encountering any hassle, make sure your network is strong and that you’re also using a good web browser. Play the unblocked Getaway Shootout game below.


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The W, E, and R keys allow you to jump left, right, and use a power-up respectively. For player 2, use I, O, and P to jump left, and right and use a power-up respectively.

The first player to cross the finish line wins the round, so make sure you’re always ready to battle against other players in the game to claim the golden prize. As you progress, you will unlock several characters with new appearances. There are also a lot of maps in the game with different gateway objectives.

This game can be played on both PC and mobile devices. Enjoy and have fun!

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