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Kingdom Rush Game [Unblocked] Flash – Play Online For Free

Kingdom Rush is a cool strategy Flash game where you battle and defend your kingdom against Orcs, wizards, and other sinister creatures. Each enemy you kill rewards you with gold, which you can thereafter use to fortify the strongholds of your empire. Like most online unblocked games, this game’s difficulty becomes harder as you advance in your campaign.

Each attack on your kingdom comes with enormous waves of enemies so you must be resilient in your battle. Remember to upgrade your towers and weapons, and also increase your units to be able to withstand the siege from the enemy. Victory is only achieved by applying the best strategy.

Kingdom Rush game can be played online for free at home, at school or at work. Also, the game is available on both PC and mobile web. No download needed! No plugin installation required!

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Where to play Kingdom Rush game [unblocked]

Kingdom Rush may not require many resources before you can play it but it’s important you are connected to a strong network and also use browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to enjoy this game without any glitches.


All you need to interact and control this amazing strategy game is your mouse. You can use it to activate stuffs in the game like Reinforcements spell, Rain of Fire, and activate/cancel Sunray Tower. Use Spacebar to cancel any selected item in the game.

Can you defend your Kingdom against the forces of evil in this epic tower defense game? Play the game now to find out.

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