15 best Flash games unblocked

15 Best Flash Games Unblocked – Play Online For Free

After Adobe completely terminated its support for Flash in 2020, virtually all websites hosting Flash-related content like games and animations started removing Flash games from their sites. Web browsers too followed suit.

Notwithstanding, this list will give you access to a wide range of Flash games unblocked via the Ruffle Flash player emulator. The games may not be much, but I will provide you with at least the top 15 unblocked Flash games that you can play for free on your web browser at home or school. Also, note that you don’t need to download the games before you can play them.

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List of Flash games unblocked to play online

1: Fleeing the Complex

Fleeing the Complex

Fleeing the Complex is an adventure stickman game where the player sees himself being trapped in a prison cell and must escape from the penitentiary. But escaping the complex is easier said than done… Powerful stickmen soldiers are all stationed around the prison.

You will have to think twice before taking any decision because death will be the penalty if you fail. Fleeing the Complex is among one of the few Flash unblocked games that you can still play currently for free.

2: Alice is Dead 2

Alice is Dead 2

Alice is Dead 2 is a horror escape unblocked Flash game, in which Alice must escape from the jail in Wonderland. Experience the tantalizing and thrilling sinister adventure in this point-and-click flash game.

Alice is Dead 2 is playable on both mobile and PC web.

3: Spider Stickman

Spider Stickman

Spider Stickman is an amazing physics-based flash unblocked game. In this game, you’re to guide the spider stickman to web sling and glide from one point to another without falling into the hollow spaces.

To make this possible, you just choose the right spot to throw Spider Stickman’s web to and the figure will fly over in that direction. Be very fast and precise in your decisions else the side-scrolling screen takes you off and you lose the game.

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Enjoy your time playing this flash game unblocked. Use the button below to play.

4: Bicycle Kick Champ

Bicycle Kick Champ

Just as the name goes – Bicycle Kick Champ, players in this game must score goals in an acrobatic fashion. To perfectly execute a successful bicycle kick, you must time your shots and hit the ball into the back of the net to take up the best score and top the standings as the best bicycle kick champion.

Bicycle Kick Champ is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Flick your screen to hit the ball on mobile and left-click to shoot on PC.

5: 8 Ball Billiards Classic

8 Ball Billiards Classic

8 Ball Billiards Classic is an epic sports game. Billiards Classic game can be played by one player or by two players, or even with the CPU. The goal is to score more points than your opponent, achieving the agreed amount which is required to win the game.

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Billiards is a tactical game where you must double-think before making any decisive move, or else your opponent knocks you out of the game.

6: Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux is an action-packed flash unblocked game. In this thrilling battle game, there are 21 weapons and 10 maps. You can choose to play the game with friends or computer.

The two-player game mode allows up to four players. The levels in the game get more difficult as you progress. The gameplay controls are very simple. Use the Arrow keys to move, Z to use your primary weapon, and X to switch to your secondary weapon.

7: Sonic Crazy World

Sonic Crazy World

Sonic Crazy World is one of the best Sonic flash games unblocked for school or work. You can play this game for free anywhere, anytime, without needing to install the game or install any plugin.

Survive ten breathtaking levels and collect power-ups and rings to assist you along your mission as you dash through crazy obstacles to finish your race.

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This game is only available on the desktop web, mobile web isn’t supported.

8: Warfare 1917

Warfare 1917

Warfare 1917 is a WW1 online strategy game. You must rally your troops and guide them to victory against your foes. In the game, there are riflemen, assault troopers, and mortar troopers. These three different military units must be used in the right combination to balance your military assault and advance your troops.

Put your strategy skill to a test in this WW1 flash game.

9: Ben 10 Alien Balls

Ben 10 Alien Balls

Ben 10 Alien Balls is a flash game featuring one of Cartoon Network’s top anime characters – Ben 10.

In this adventure puzzle game, Ben has just discovered a crypt that houses an evil machine that is used to create Vilgax Creatures’ eggs. Ben must now stop the created eggs from getting to the machine as quickly as possible. The time is ticking against you so be fast in getting rid of the evil substance.

10: Haunted School

Haunted School

Discover one of the most dreaded experiences a flash game can offer in this horror-action online game. You’re to enter an abandoned school at night to find some instrumental objects which will help the priests to exorcise a young girl who has been bewitched by a demon.

Hover through the corridors and elevators to find the hidden objects for the exorcism. Take cognizance of the weird moves and crazy sounds you observe around you. How far can you survive this sinister? Play the game now to find out.

This game is not yet available on the mobile web. Play it on your PC.

11: Cribbage Online

Cribbage is a two-player game that involves playing and grouping cards to form combinations, with the ultimate goal of scoring points. The fast-paced and entertaining game was originally played on a wooden cribbage board, designed to model a horse race track (symbolizing the fast nature of the game).

The online version is offered in three difficulty modes, making it a great unblocked game for players of all skill levels.

Try Cribbage Online Now

Other Flash games unblocked

Other unblocked games to play


There you have it on the – 15 best Flash games unblocked to play online. Whether you’re searching for an idle game to quench your boredom or you need something to keep you on the hot seat, you will definitely find your game type in this post.

As always, enjoy and have fun playing any if these flash games.

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