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Warfare 1917 Unblocked – Play Online For Free


Warfare 1917 unblocked is a WW1 fun fighting unblocked flash game, where you take on the role of a military general who must command troops and lead them to victory. To start your game campaign, your can either choose UK or Germany as your country. From the trenches, you’re to deploy your troops against the attacking enemy forces.


Crossover your troops from the trenches to the other side of the battlefield to take over your enemy ground and cause them to surrender. Up to 3 military units can occupy the trenches at a certain time. You receive points for each enemy and battle you win, which you can use to buy upgrades and bonuses in the game.

Warfare 1917 is free to play online at work or school. It works on both PC and mobile web but is more efficient when played on a PC.

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Where to play Warfare 1917 unblocked game

Note that Warfare 1917 is completely free to play online. No downloading or plugin installation is needed. To play the game without issues, I recommend you get connected to a strong network and use either the Chrome, Yandex, Firefox, or Edge browser to enjoy the game.

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Combine different units of your soldiers like mortar troopers, assault troopers, and riflemen to get the best results in battles. Also, use mortar strikes to cause great devastation to your enemies. Warfare 1917 is very easy to play. Use your mouse to interact in the game.


Can you guide your squad to victory in this captivating WW1 strategy game? Play Warfare 1917 unblocked now to find that out.

Have fun and enjoy your time playing the game!

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