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20 Best Free To Play Sniper Games Unblocked (Online Sniper Games)

In my guide today, you will discover some of the best sniper games unblocked for school that you can play online for free. Other than school, you can still enjoy these online sniper games at work, home, or anywhere.

Just like every other unblocked games provided on this site, you don’t need to download the sniper games or even install a plugin, all you need to run them on your device is just a modern web browser and a strong internet connection. Also, since chrome upended flash support, most online games are now hosted on HTML5 and .io, so the unblocked sniper games here will be HTML5 supported.

Lastly, whether you stay in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, etc, you can still access these Sniper games online for free. Without talking much, let’s quickly have a look at the games.

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List of sniper games unblocked for school (online sniper games)

1: Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite is the most realistic sniper game that you can play online for free at school, work, or at home. In this blockbuster shooting game, you’re to snipe all your targets using your best precision skills.

From a good vantage point, you will have to lock your targets and kill them all as quickly as possible. Enemies become larger as the level increases. Tap the button below, to play Sniper Elite now for free!

2: Stickman Sniper 3

Stickman Sniper 3

Stickman Sniper 3 is one of the best online Stickman sniper games unblocked for school. You’re to aim and shoot all your enemies while utilizing your best stealth skills. The game is the third title in the Stickman Sniper series. While undertaking your sniping job, try not to cause suspicion from your targets.

This Stickman game comes with lots of breathtaking sniping missions that will keep you engaged in the game. Level up to receive all stars for a job well done. Use your mouse to aim and shoot, and then R/W to reload and zoom.

Play Stickman Sniper 3 online for free.

3: Dawn of the Sniper 2

Dawn of the Sniper 2

Dawn of the Sniper 2 is a fast-paced unblocked zombie sniper game that you can play online for free on your computer. Dawn of the Sniper 2 puts you in a defensive mission where you’re to protect other survivors in the game.

The zombies will give you no respite so be ready to take down any monster that comes within scope. As you progress, the wave of zombies becomes larger and stronger – attacking the remaining survivors from different corners.

So are you ready for this insane unblocked zombie game? Pick up your sniper rifle and send the undead back to their original home.

4: Rooftop Sniper

Rooftop Sniper

Rooftop Sniper is an unblocked 2 player sniper game where you can play either as a single-player or in multiplayer mode with a friend. In this pixel-styled game, you’re to be the first to shoot your enemy down the rooftop to win the round. The player who reaches five wins from the total round wins the battle.

You can also jump over enemy bullets. The controls in this online sniper game is very intuitive. Rooftop Sniper works seamlessly on both PC and mobile web browsers. For PC players, use the keyboard buttons W and E to jump and shoot respectively. For mobile, hold your screen to raise your gun and release it to shot. Use the jump button available in the game to jump.

This 2-player game is most enjoyed when played with a friend.

5: Sniper Assassin 2

Sniper Assassin 2

Sniper Assassin 2 is a free shooting stick sniper game unblocked. As the successor to the first title – Sniper Assassin, you will discover improved visual graphics and addicting gameplay in this new title. In this free online sniper game, you’re to snipe all your enemies. Be very precise in your shooting and try not to kill innocent civilians.

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There are over 20 action-packed missions in this game. Use your mouse to control the entire action of the player.

6: Sniper Code 2

Sniper Code 2

Sniper Code 2 is a free online sniper game that you can play for free on your device. The graphics of this game is top-notch for an online game. Players are to shoot down all targets in this action shooter game. Be very precise and use your bullets sparingly to avoid running out of bullets when you still have an enemy at hand.

The game works on mobile and PC web browsers. To play this game on PC, use your mouse to control and shoot. For mobile devices, touch and move your screen to control the sniper scope and then use the in-game fire button to shoot.

7: Tactical Squad

Tactical Squad

Tactical Squad is an amazing online action-shooter game. In this fast-paced sniper game, players are to take actions quickly but with high precision. The goal is to eliminate the stickman agent. Unfortunately, this task is somewhat tedious as the target is often entangled with innocent civilians.

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Try to hit the right target without hurting civilians to earn your complete score and money. You can use the money gotten from your sniping job to buy other lethal and sophisticated sniper rifles. Tactical Squad works on both PC and mobile devices. Use your mouse to control the action of the player.

8: Perfect Snipe Online

Perfect Snipe

Just like every other online sniper game, you’re to eliminate all your targets to take the maximum score for that level. This fun and addictive sniper game can be played for free anywhere, and anytime with either your PC or mobile.

Also, the controls are easy to learn and the game difficulty is moderate – so you can easily pass levels without staying for long on a particular level. However, as the game progresses, the difficulty increases as well. Take up your sniper rifle and enjoy the most realistic FPS sniper game.

9: The Stranger 4

The Stranger 4

Experience the most thrilling FPS shooting action in this high-octane sniper game. After receiving orders from your commander, you and your team are to infiltrate the enemy unit, killing all enemies and freeing the hostages they abducted.

This game is one of the best unblocked 3D sniper games you will certainly love playing. The game works perfectly on PC or Chromebook browsers. It is not compatible with mobile. Begin your adventure now!

10: Captain Sniper

Captain Sniper

Captain Sniper is a fun action shooting online game. In this game, players are hired to foil assassination attacks by the enemy. In the first level, a man in a black outfit is sent to kill a security guard. You’re then tasked to eliminate the assassin before he succeeds in killing the guard.

Interestingly, before a mission starts, you’re given an overview of the mission objective. When you discover the target, act as quickly as possible to take him down.

Continued list of online sniper games unblocked for school


For now, that’s all the top sniper games unblocked for school that you can play online for free. Whenever any new online sniper game comes in, I will update it here for you. All the games in this post were gotten from third-party online video game sites. If you can’t find your desired sniper game, simply comment the game’s title here and I will drop the game here for you.

Have fun and enjoy sniping your enemies!

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