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Temple of Boom Unblocked WTF [No Flash] Play Online

Temple of Boom unblocked game

Do you want to play the Temple of Boom game online? If yes, then this post will provide you with direct link to play the Temple of Boom unblocked game at school, or at work for free.

Temple of Boom is a game where the player finds himself in a horrifying temple surrounded by monsters and other dangerous creatures. The player must strive to defeat any monster, bandits, evil spirit that comes his way so as to escape the temple alive. Use different kinds of powerful weapons to eliminate these creatures before they kill you.

Get exclusive weapons by using your arrow keys to jump up and pick up new weapons, try as much as you can to bring down your attackers without you being hurt

Where to Play Temple of Boom unblocked game

In order to play this fun catching game without disruption, make sure you’re using a working internet connection, and either the Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser.


Throughout the campaign, the player is seen trying to escape from the horrifying secluded region of the earth he has fallen into. To make a possible come back to earth, the player must fight against great hordes of vicious beasts and enemies. Temple of Boom features a lot of challenging and engaging levels that will keep you thrilled while you play the game.

Can you escape this sinister? Play now to find out!


Arrow up = move/jump, arrow down = pick weapons, Z = shoot, X = switch weapons

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