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Papa’s Games Unblocked – Play Unblocked Papa’s Games At Nexkinproblog

You can now play some cool unblocked Papa’s games here at Nexkinproblog. If you are bored or idle at school or work all you need to do is just pick up a mouse and start playing any Papa Louie game in your web browser for free. No downloading! No plugin installation!

Below are some top Papa games unblocked for school.

Papa’s Games Unblocked for School

1: Papa’s Freezeria

In this game, You’re handed a summertime job by Papa Louie to make tasty cakes for customers. Your duty now is to satisfy your customers by giving them delicious cakes. If your cake is great in taste, your customers will pay you well, however, if it’s not, you will be given a few bucks. As you progress, you will tend to have more deals from the customers, and this time you will need to be efficient so you don’t keep your customers waiting for long.

PLAY Papa’s Freezeria Here!

2: Papa’s Burgeria

Another Papa’s unblocked game in this list is Papa’s Burgeria. In this title, players are to prepare delicious burgers for clients. The task is very simple, make your customers happy and get paid for a job well done. To begin, choose any character and follow the initial instructions in the game to learn how to play. Remember to be quick in preparing clients’ orders.

PLAY Papa’s Burgeria Here!

3: Papa’s Scooperia

Stranded in Oniontown after losing his cash, the player resorts to a job vacancy in an ice cream restaurant where he can raise money to go back home. The aim now is to run the shop and prepare cool ice creams for your customers. Like every other game in the series, you will be remunerated well if you make pleasant cakes for customers. On the other hand, if your cake doesn’t meet the specification, you will earn less.

PLAY Papa’s Scooperia Here!

4: Papa’s Wingeria

Papa’s Wingeria is yet another exciting title in the Papa Louie games series. Your job here is to serve customers delicious chicken wings. You must fry and prepare the chicken wings to meet the customer’s tastes to make them happy. As the business grows larger, you will also have to deal with chunks of orders. Make your service efficient to satisfy your customers.

PLAY Papa’s Wingeria Here!

5: Papa’s Pizzeria

Another exciting unblocked Papa game to play at school in your web browser is Papa’s Pizzeria. The name alone should tell you your responsibility in the game. Earn yourself a good reputation and grow your business by making pizzas. Follow the order from each customer’s ticket to meet their demand. If you’re bored, simply get your mouse and play this game now for fun!

PLAY Papa’s Pizzeria Here!

6: Papa’s Pancakeria

Papa’s Pankeria introduces you to a new story entirely. The customers in the city are demanding tasty pancakes. You’re to quench their taste by making delicious pancakes for them. Failure to meet their demands means you will not be paid well. New kinds of stuff are there to learn from when you get your hands in this wonderful Papa game.

PLAY Papa’s Pancakeria Here!

7: Papa’s Donuteria

Papa's Donuteria

Papa’s Donuteria is a new entry in the Papa Louie games. To play the game, simply choose any save slot cards and then select from either Tony, Scooter or Papa Louie himself. Study how to use the various stations well, so you can make nice donuts. Since the customers keep coming, the orders as well keep flowing. Make happy customers to become the best donut maker in Powder Point town.

PLAY Papa’s Donuteria Here!

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